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Mike gallagher congressman mike kelly represents pennsylvania's third congressional district i wanted to chat with him about the border adjustment tax also of course the horrific shooting last week in alexandria virginia congressman kelly's a member of the house ways and means committee he attended the university of notre dame on a football and an academic scholarship enjoy joins us our guest line so he's one of these smart guys who was a great athlete pay congressman how are ya hello mike an and thank you for having me on it can really good to be where no pleasure right math that our listener well pleasure to have you back before we dive into the the border adjustment tax first of all thank god you're k and we we continue to pray for steve scalise and all those who were affected i saw one of the capital officers crystal throughout the first pitch at a baseball game last night and as did the other other brave hero hero officer man that that that's an event that that that will would change every single one of you who are in that august body doesn't it it really does although i think uh we have an awareness that none of us can ever be complacent about our own safety and the safety of those around us i think the the real blessing of last week was the fact that the capitol police were there uh but themselves in a position to actually uh save people's lives you know steve's not there because you remember who of leadership he does have protection around too bad practice there would have been no capital police there an this gunman would have had the opportunity just at his will uh to go around and and finish whatever is he thought he was starting and i could think about this is in a residential area run might be other collateral damage that could have been done to just everyday citizens sure hurricanes getting up walking their dogs taking their children well when you saw the sharia they showed the surveillance video could see people driving by walking by wasn't like you were in an just just horrifying lots of conversation about increasing security for the members of congress i can't imagine any decent normal right minded person objecting to that is that in the is that in the kharj congressman show what i i can't think zachary what we're going to do from the standpoint of of protection.

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