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Here in the golden tower the Fisher building where it all western ninety forty and Arbor where Mike has a question about his dish washer good morning Mike thanks for calling and how may we help you well Joe of got a KitchenAid dishwasher about seven years old and when I go to start it all I get is a buzzing sound and it buzzes nest after about ten seconds and buzzes again and and that's it are you getting any water in the machine no no water now you haven't had a plumber fool around with the water lines or anything have you it no no okay well I'm gonna go right to the what about underneath the machine take that grill off on the bottom a couple of screws that hold on or maybe it just clips on and you're gonna look underneath there and you're going to see your water supply line from your hot water come into the dishwasher it leads right to the water valve are you with me I gotcha now what shut off the water supply there's a valve someplace underneath there shut off the water supply disconnect that water valve and you could take that to to an appliance store and they are like a parts store and they'll check it out for you in most cases okay now in the case of buying a new one they probably have one in stock to sell you but that's how you're going to determine if it's a water valve or not and years ago I must tell you years ago when I was back here on J. R. as some twenty years ago I did a study of how many water valves are sold in the United States every month not every year every month I contacted wholesalers across the country and water valves and back then were sold at the raise your of over one hundred thousand a month it so and now what are now the in my opinion hasn't improved all that much if it has a little fun so anyways it's still a very quick moving after service after sale part and they're not all that expensive but shop around for price on one because like a certain manufacture might sell one for ninety dollars another product that it will is a replacement for that might cost twenty five dollars so shop around before you buy one but that's not that's my suggestion to you might all right thank you I will let you know what happens thank you so much and I'll be back here again tomorrow morning from six until eight o'clock I like to hear back from you but while we're here right now let's take a call from dean in Harrison township has a question regarding his oven good morning gene thanks for calling thank you all I have a walked double often that the always do not like to keep the temperature at three fifty they'll go down there like three twenty five and we have a both on so you're not happy with the temperature that you have and you check that with the thermometer right correct all right well what what if I said deluxe dean that's normal even with a wolf product which is a very expensive stole do you have okay how old is it well it's about ten years old but used not very much all right well if it does go together that three fifty we put it like at three eighty three eighty number at three fifty yeah a little finger nail Polish color color red if you mark that where you set the thermostat to get that temperature that'll be your new guide for the rest of the life of that stole but I hate it I hate to tell people you know you've got a live with that okay but in some cases that's the way it is well I appreciate all your help well I appreciate you with your phone call calling in and I hope you'll do so again anytime we're on the air and we're not all set with times yet but we're going to be soon back to the hammer No shoes stern got a question right here from Joanna Romeo to text question and Joanne says she has a problem with our world pulled washing machine that only happens during the hot cycle the flow of the hot water while filling up will stop several times in the only way for her to get the water to keep continuing yeah I a flowing is to manually move the NABBA bitten the flow then resumes that never happens on warm or cold cycles and he wonders what you can do to fix this I wonder how old the washing machine is a that we need to know that because she could be having problem with the touch pad the the home of the new washing machines have touch pad controls on him some of them are very very expensive in if she's got an old machine sounds to me like the timers acting up on a she's full in the with the knob on the timer to get the thing to start to fill again I don't believe it's the water now but I believe it might be the timer in if that's the case I'm going to say to Joe and you get on the radio I'm here tomorrow morning for six to eight I'd like to hear from you and get the real specifics so I can give you the real specifics to the answer on how to solve your problem join me right here and I'd like to also mention that last week I mentioned last time where you're on the air that I would find out about a light bulb for microwave ovens that the gentleman complain G. ease like Bob is not lasting long well I've talked to several service people and they tell me that you must buy the light bulb from G. not from a hardware store because the voltage carrying part of the filament is not strong enough on these other light bulbs were ad is for the light bulb that you get directly from General Electric and the other comment I want to make is the lady who called and bought as St as speed queen washing machine for my lawful plants to trigger so nicely but it had a little piece of metal inside the tub that's a stainless steel tub and they didn't ground down that piece of metal the way they should have and what did hide off of plans do to solve the problem the next day they came out and replace the whole washing machine no charge I'm Joe again in your appliance Dr we're going to go back to the phone lines which can we have another question Joe yeah I got a question from Pat in Sinclair shores a question about his refrigerator good morning Pat thanks for calling how may we help you good morning great to have you thank you all thank you Gary this fridge and every once in awhile every week or so of little portal Worrell show up near the fridge and confirm that the water line is not leaking our a and I have I I just I suspected you know an ice cube that Saul and melted yeah but that doesn't seem to be the issue either any suggestions isn't that small amount of water he is it's a violation Q. worth of water yes but not a whole lot okay how's the water pressure in the house no problem no problem at all okay sometimes there's air gets into the water line for the ice dispenser the water dispenser and it'll blow air through there while you're not using it a little spot a water all come out and land on the floor okay that's good in many to do with the frost cycle well it could but I doubt it very much I would take a Kleenex okay and put it in that little froth area we'll put the glass in that Kleenex will tell you the next day if you add water in there or not if that's the problem okay you mean the the glass dispenser yeah right water okay okay great I'll give it a try and this is the thing it does come back moist any suggestions where he yeah here's one more suggestion to you the old man service tricks okay white haired and all take a little container of baby powder and spread that around where you might suspect the water's coming from and when the water is running through that it's like a little river in the baby powder and you will have a better clue as to where it's coming from and Pat I want to hear back from yeah so do our listening audience they want to hear all these things many phone calls thanks Pat I would like to invite you to check out the home at a planned show web page just go to W. J. R. dot com slash appliance you can check it each week to find out the schedule for the upcoming weekend for the home in a planned show because it can bounce around a little bit during the football season it.

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