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Love him all right. Let's take a break. We're back after this us. Text us in fifty five one hundred might put you on the air this texture. Mayonnaise is nasty. Should never be made again. Standard data and messaging rates may apply these elvis duran in the morning show. How many people are here to see elvis morning all right. Let's talk about podcast shall we. Do you know the fifteen minute morning. Show podcast you can watch it or you can listen to it in here. In iheart we have the we have a huge huge family of podcast. I think we have more podcasts than anyone else in the world right In so like their charted every week which podcast has the most listeners. So are fifteen minute morning. Show podcast you can both listen to it as podcast or you can watch it online. The problem is more people like to watch our podcast. Therefore they're not getting giving us credit for the the audio Cast we're sort of cannibalizing ourselves so the fifty minute morning show podcast which people love because it's it's just it's us but very uncensored not suitable for work. Is you know what i'm saying. So more people to watch it. Therefore we're not getting credit on the iheart podcast countdown. What number in the universe was a fifteen minute morning. Show podcast number number fifty eight last week on the iheartradio top. One hundred podcasts. Right now keep in mind we. They have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of podcast so to be in the top one hundred honor but it fifty eight. It would be higher if people were listening to it rather than watching it and so the question was well. We should talk. Should we should stop doing zoom room. Things would just make people listen to it. No i enjoy it so we'll sacrifice it. Can you watch it and listen at the same time like. Can you have it playing in the background. So that your credit for that. It's been a stroke. That would take a lot of engineering anyway. But we also get credit for the on elvis. Dren morning show on demand so when you listen to the show any time during the day at your convenience then we get podcast credit for that right. Yeah and we did okay. This past week we were like number. Twenty one twenty one we. We should be higher than that so please give us a listen elvis morning show on demand. Just give it like five ten minutes. Just watch it. Go up the chart. You know the brooklyn boys. Podcast has been known to be number three before. It's gone way up in this week. It was number twenty five. I believe correct which is still great. So speaking of the brooklyn boys podcast that you and brody do or brody and do. They said that you were talking about the wise guys. The three wise men yesterday where the wise guys the three wise men who who actually went to go visit the baby. Jesus for christmas but arrived like all those days later right. No they write late to the party right and people were saying that they can't believe you didn't know what frankencense and moore was. Well i always always familiar with the fact that these dudes brought him gifts gifts will do i. Would it was called. So brody says know when the three wise men brought frankencense and moore. And i'm like what are you talking about. Sounds like jewish law firm right. Yes mr brody on real quick. Hey brody elvis so you look you know the whole story. The greatest story ever told mind you The birth of baby. Jesus and mary wiseman it's it is a beautiful story and franken's and moore were the gifts that the dudes on the camels brock. Right i don't. I don't know a lot of people don't know what franken simpson murder in. The third was gold. They don't know what it is. It's not really that important to the story. It's just the fact they brought a gift. They didn't come empty-handed but their mothers taught them well right right but we were talking about a question that was on family feud and so i'm telling the story and then involve bringing frankincense mur to the baby jesus and you know jewish and i'm explaining this to scary and he's on the podcast yelling. I don't know if i said tamara. i'm not ollie. Murs singer is right. Right was eerie. Yeah raised christian would know that in school. Somebody would have told you you've heard the story. I said i know it. I'm jewish that he's heard of it. I should you not. Wouldn't you never heard of franken said omar. He's took catholic school growing up you took. Ccd classes catholic religious classes. They believe me they talked about it. You're listening yes details. China's class no scares really good at blocking out information he doesn't deem important. Yeah it's kind of skill. I'm with you and you know what. At christmas time when the madge or the three kings are bringing the gifts to to baby jesus at the church by me they move the statues closer as they get closer to the day of when they actually arise. I thought they were crazy. Catholic spoiler alert anyway. By the way the fact that you're jewish that means nothing as far as knowing what franken said moore is right as i wasn't taught that in religious school expected to know it. I know it because it seems like an everyday thing that most people know but being a christian like you'll pointed out he's been taught that well he didn't recall it. How do you remember. There's so many things we have remembered. Think about the from the moment that you can remember beginning to remember things to today all the stuff that has probably fallen out the other side that you know you don't remember anymore and it doesn't matter because if you don't remember it it doesn't matter you know for instance nate. When nate had his stroke. He's convinced many things were purged from. His brain will save franken. Immerse still in there though. The thing is forget it. You don't know that you knew it at one time and so therefore it never exist for you. I actually have frankencense upstairs. Because i put a little bit of it in my moisturizer. Let's see now did you. Was that deliver to you by a wise man camel. Yes he brought it in a little box.

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