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Everything goes through smoothly. And there's ninety issues or positive cases or anything like that. That just because it that would be so devastating for those players, obviously and everyone involved, but also just be so frustrating and you know we've got to go even longer without sports in honestly, I think if this bubble situation doesn't work, in Orlando, there's a possibility that we lose the twenty twenty twenty one season two, just because a lot of these things to be in place. If this doesn't work that I, don't see a scenario. Where come December? Every team just goes back to their market and everything's back to normal and you can. Just travel again and play different games. It just seems you know. December is not that far away and with everything they're saying about how long it takes to come up with the vaccine, and all that stuff I don't know if there's a scenario where you know. Come December everything's back to normal so hopefully this bubble idea works, and then hopefully you know if it's a huge excess, then they could maybe replicate that and have multiple bubbles around the country or something like that, so that next season can be a bit more normal, but I don't think there's a way for them. Just have it. Go One hundred percent back to normal. Yeah I mean I had I have no idea I? Sure hope it gets back to normal soon I'm going nuts to go watch, college, games or something and then. We'll see that I think the one thing that that's GonNa. Make it somewhat easier. It's just with all these teams. Chartering Emmy probably could execute it without fans in December that would be my guess, but we'll see how this goes against Sorbet, day, by day type of thing. Yeah, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Hopefully this is happens without a hitch. And then we go from there before we wrap up here I. WanNa talk about what you're doing a babcock coupes. I've noticed that your staff changed a bit since we had you on the show last time you know, tell us about some of the New People that you have involved over there. And what's new is when I first launched Babcock hoops assembled a team of a former BA scouts and. It's been somewhat of a revolving door which which is great, because we really wanted to create an infrastructure to help guys accomplish their goals, and you'll get new jobs and and whatnot and Yes, when we first started, I was still Jason Fleet Ban Staff who who's our director of international operations who is in Bologna? Italy, and he's the best in the business on I can't believe a team hasn't snagged. snagged him up yet but he he's with us. He's got twenty years and be experience and then we had Luke Edessa worked with us for a while. He got snagged up by the Lakers. He's working with Lakers for an office now Jeff. Feld is now the general manager of the Phoenix Suns, G., League, team, and then Matt McKay Junior He and I work together. The build up pro insight. It's a it's a a college scouting service Once we got operational, I sold sold him back my part, and now he's focusing on that, and then I've added some guys. We've got doc Martin a former player who played at Alabama then worked fifteen years in the NBA for Portland and New Orleans He's our director of basketball operations, and then Francis Schiller, who I I don't need to introduce him He and I have known him since I was a kid because. He was friends with my dad when they're both college coaches. He and I had the last couple of years. It become really friendly, and he's Kinda turned into a mentor for me so I called him in the fall and said Hey, you know coach I really love picking, your brain and talk in hopes you know. Would you have any interest in formalizing the relationship? And so I asked him to be a senior adviser and he graydon which was which was great news for me, And? So you know kind of how that relationship works. He's not in the trenches with us on a day-to-day basis, but I I call them every so often and use them as a sounding board, and whether it be just pick his brain on players or your career advise or whatever, and just just a huge edition for me, and then we had a few younger people that. Are you know of up and coming? Stars Jeremy Burman was student manager of Texas and then had stints with the Hornets in the Spurs, just a really sharp guy. He's our director of research and analysis and he. He's a number of really intelligent people for us and then we added Derek Murray interesting story with him. I was at a scouting RJ Hampton. Hampton the New Zealand breakers were replaced Mexican games against. NBA, teams in the preseason some in Oklahoma City, Washington. Rj I, did I. Think posted a tweet that I was there watching the game and Derek Falls May you know, send me a direct message asked if he come, introduce himself talk for fifteen minutes I. Just really liked the guy who is really passionate about pursuing. Pursuing a job scouting so I created a position for him for Video Scout, and he's just done a terrific job and then most recently we looked to expand bite by adding some video content, so we hired Raquel Rodriguez who be to be a reporter in the store. They're sort of funny. So my wife and I both went to the University of Arizona. On my wife was captain of the palm line in one of her teammates is now the head coach of the palm line, and so I reached out to her asked if she had any former team members that kind of took the the broadcast journalism route, and so she introduced me into Raquel who's a cheerleader Eddie of a an rebels. Dad is a rich Rodriguez the former head coach Ed. And? Brought her on. We've got I've got a great balance of you. Know experienced guys like Jason. Doc Fran and then some you know some younger blood, so we really got a great setup here and really just trying to generate some more content, covering the draft and life's good work with good people and wash him basketball talking basketball day. Life's good awesome. Yeah, I saw you. Tim Stuff for CBS sports to that. You were serving as an NBA draft analyst with them is you'RE GONNA? Keep doing. And, I've been talking with them. I did the one show we did a a simulated mock draft with a number of their guys and they said they like Megaton back on. Do some more stuff, obviously with the drafting and push back to October. think everything's stored on the back burner at the moment, and I think I'll probably do some more stuff. Stuff with them. Awesome and I know we've talked about this before, but we see so..

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