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Relief factor I've been taking relief act for years now to help me deal with pain in my body My wife takes it as well The reason we tell everyone we know about it is simple We found it really works to help our bodies fight off the inflammation that causes aches and pains Whether it's the pain of injuries you've sustained or just the natural pains from the mileage over the years relief factor can help I've never looked back Almost 70% of the more than half a million people who have tried relief factor end up ordering more That's because it works for them the way it works for me Isn't it time for you to get out of pain your first step to becoming pain free should be to order the three week quick start for the discounted price of only 1995 Go to relief factor dot com or call 804 relief to find out more about this offer That's relief factor dot com or call 804 relief feel the difference Dan bonding and 8 90 W L we have some sweet deals for you this holiday season I value items up for auction at WL SAM dot com It on an all inclusive Jamaican vacation a four night trip for two at the stunning Versace mansion or a luxurious 12th day Alaskan cruise on victory cruise lines shot beautiful designer jewelry from Jameson's sons find jewelers and gift cards for PewDiePie hair treatments from Yates science and many other items for us steal The auction is live this Thursday at 8 a.m. and ends November 18th at four shop bid save at W L SAM dot com W Ellis news time is one 21 Let's take a look at the roads and on the inbound Kennedy slightly better I'll hear the burn will take you 27 minutes We've solved traffic between daymond and Monroe In van Eyck over 300 post office a little bit heavier 33 minutes stop and go between Ashland and the burn the axles being cleared on the output on bishop Ford at a 115th street and other update 15 minutes.

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