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Really nice races up in New York and I think Dan jurgens starting to really figure out what this horse needs though. He's a six year old with a lot of experience hard so the next. We'RE GOING TO SKIP OVER THE MATT. Win and go on and talk about the war chant. We'll come back and do some solid horses in this race. That headline out. Billy Batts is the first one on billy. Batts was second in the Breeders Cup turf behind structure last year. You also have field pass. Who in his most recent start won the Jeff Ruby? A TURF WAY. He's get back on the grass of her son. Like I've mentioned in the past horses that can run on those synthetic another twist of fate. I know those. Those are two completely different sources. Another twist of fate always struck me as grass roots and he ran a really nice race synthetic Golden Gate and I would not be surprised in here to see Fueled passing ran that nice race in Jeffrey. Become back here and run really well in a race like the war champ again. This is another another wide. Open race lottery routing. There's a lot of shots you can take in here. You know this another type of research you look at it and you say. I don't know who I'm going to go with. Because the favourite probably is definitely has a potential to get beat. So lot of routes. You can go very very wide open. Like I mentioned and Eric Probably GonNa have a long shot to go within here. I'll take one of those two Billy batts or pass but again you know I I make mention here longshot. Play take take a shot in here because this is definitely race it you take a shot in. I take favorites a lot. More than the average handicapper does saw that. That's just my two cents on. That is a wide open race like an obviously wide.

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