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Work with a tax pro remotely or file online black is always here to help six fifty three let's check the roads it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Laurie what's going on well Jeff that tree that was a delayed out of middle borrow train seven thousand or seven zero zero zero is now moving it's currently at Quincy center is still running about fifteen minutes behind schedule heading into south station so keep that in mind going to an accident or crash twenty four north bound debris flew off of one car hit another car this is right at four ninety five in rain ham ninety three north bound there's a broken down vehicle in the median so watch out for delays just before thirty seven in Braintree but once you hit the expressway that's looking good all the way into the city it's going to check the price now with Chris today I can offer insurance road report hello are you may run into some solar glare in places this morning on the pike eastbound usually if you're headed up the big hill that's not too bad like the the kill that starts on the pike he's background the Greenwood street overpass the bilberry half past one forty six that's usually pretty good but that you get that Victoria structured graphic or you get the side of your face also spots in Framingham what we're looking at is about a forty minute ride over all from offered here through the proof tunnel I'll take the sound over what we had yesterday Chris did not collaborate insurance rotor for some witty Laurie vanity WBZ's traffic on the threes Laurie let's check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast right now we check in with meteorologist dean devore the weather guys with the all too I mean I love much rather talk about sunshine.

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