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Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Goodness, rebalancing nature. Experience the balance of nature difference for yourself by using discount code Sacramento. The price of fruits and vegetables is going up called out to see how you can lock in your price fruits and vegetables for an entire year and get free shipping on every order. Call eight hundred two four six eight seven five one that's eight hundred two four six eight seven five one or go online to balance of nature dot com and use discount code Sacramento, who am I available on would do. I do I help people exercise their constitutional right to bail on June. Should they be arrested? What are my responsibilities to make sure that a person that has bailed out of jail goes to their court dates and the justices served for all parties involved if that defendant fills too short for their coordinate. It is my duty to work with those involved to locate and return that person to court, so they're life goes on. And doesn't end up being a fugitive running from the law. So it is this constitutional, right? That we as Americans have to exercise our right to Bill and giving victims of crime, the justices. Well, who I am Bailey at the stands proud and making a difference for our community and our criminal Justice system. I am topa Padilla from great Padilla bail bonds. If you ever find yourself need calling on a Bill called Greg Padilla Bill bonds at four four six bond that is four four six B O Indy or find us on the web at Padilla blondes dot com. Now trending on news ninety three point one BK's. Sponsored by Audi Rockland Republican assemblyman, Kevin.

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