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Meanwhile you got dianne feinstein who you know. Inner prime smart tough moderate fantastic flapper popular on both sides of the aisle could really dance the charleston. Yes yes she. Herbert hoover in the face once when he pinched her anyway But yeah she's old is she's eight now. I believe just filed paperwork to run again please. And the new yorker. Interestingly enough Has a big article out. Recently they start with the infamous moment back in november during that tech hearing when she asked jack dorsey the ceo of twitter. Whether it's comey was doing enough to stem the spread of this information. Then she read in a in full a the president had disseminated claiming to have won the election. She then asked. Dorsey twitter's labeling. The tweet as disputed had adequately alerted readers that it was a balled lie. It was a good question writes. The new yorker finds samson seemed sharp forest for decades. She'd been the epitome of female trailblazer in washington. Always hyper prepared. But then you may know this Dorsey responded he answered. And diana asked the same question again word for word along with the trump tweet and as they write her inflection was eerily identical she looked and sounded just as authoritative seemingly registering no awareness that. She was repeating herself verbatim. Yeah you know you go back and forth between joke about that or it's just sad She she i mean you're you're in bad shape you ask the same question a couple minutes apart right right and six days later under growing pressure from progressive groups She released a statement saying she would step down from the democrats a senior position on the judiciary committee. But then they go into viagra graffiti. Yeah well you know. I remember when i read that article. One of the things that stood out to me was The fact that people have gone and talked to her about this and then when they go back to like you know they say we'll follow up on an ascending when they go back to talk about it again. She has no memory right the fact that they went in and talk to her about her. You know declining previously. Yes yes and then they hedge had a little bit and the they serve some of her aides bridal at singling out her condition because declining male senators strom thurmond. Robert byrd known was embarrassing also. They were widely known by the end of their careers to be..

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