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Your being torn. Combet similar type of characteristic of layout on wetter conditions wins the British masters last year while he's caught imagining a bit in Saudi that Sunday. It won't hate to go. Buy a retrieved the Qatar masters two years ago, a little bit more warmer conditions, not just based off a cold and wet while he was thirty eight last week and Dubai which wasn't a bad pipe opener. Hit the ball, quite well didn't have a great green on the greens. A devise a small each way. Play a sixty six to one this week. Okay. Steve got four others wiz through then. Next. Best is gels lewiston few players on the circuit and more hunger for competition and tonight a longtime off last year five months on the sidelines of the wrist injury came back in late October and was really impressive finished eleventh. I out in the end. Masters twenty-third into key twenty-seven from the net Bank twenty-second in the DP Wiltord championship. And then start at this year spectacularly third place in Abu Dhabi closed for the sixty five which was better than anyone on the Sunday. And then then he got ill ill in an upset stomach missed the cut on the Mark and Dubai so suddenly shunted out of fifty to one because of that miss cut. But it's nothing to worry about upset stomach is gone straight back in business this week. Log all us in prolific European tour champion six time winner is last victory was in this neck of the woods, the Aumont Oakland. Last February go a great Gulf Gulf record. And I think this looks perfect layout. For is toy DT to green go. Yeah. Then three more big process, which wanna McLaughlin and get stuck in. I know we'll have your other three Steve three more. These are walkers remain Ling ask exceptional challenge. Three row. Frenchman clearly going places thirty nine from the masters amateur now stanza to make real serious charges a professional one on the challenge to last year. Three shots in September. Finish four from the challenge to grandfathered in UAE. Any way? Any you a form well worth considering this week for obvious reasons, then fifth in European talk you school together card and was runner up in the South African Open. So ended last year like a train and start this year. Well, twentieth place and do boy last week five under par back nine thirty two bogey-free foreign around sixty six so he came home really strong last week. And then it to even bigger odds. Marcus kin Houghton gagging. Boola kin like lying acid promising youngster who's got some good form in the desert already fifth in the two thousand sixteen Egyptian challenges us first visit this region. Those on the challenge tour Saudi Arabia just across the Red Sea from Egypt. It was second in the two thousand seventeen challenge talk grandfathered in the and they stood in the cats are Mazdas last year. That's that's the most significant pizza phones. Are keynote another tardy player? Made a rusty starts at the but should really enjoy this assignment and Boola for thirty year old. He's got a bulging mantelpiece prolific champion on the Asian tour and good off the off the Mark on the European tour last year in the Fiji international and a bit more about this this Saudi trap. It's you use an unusual grass, which not many courses have is dynasty pass ballum and Boola won the Fiji international on that type of grass or I think he'll enjoy these greens and play well last couple of weeks in the first to go for Vince. So yeah, you cannot Buhler the massive pros once, you know, about bulging mantelpiece, Steve what have you got on your mantlepiece? A replica cleric Geog a couple of awards spokesman roughtly awards were stopped engine that competition when I didn't win I had a v pecan stopped entering. But I've got all the awards up to the point I stopped entering and then going junior golfing exploits. No, no, never never never never actually member of gopher could never fold it every child, but then I've got most of my stuff is from giorno in from Formby, all this or gifts. He he provided. This lovely generous read that sends me gifts go along them on the mantelpiece, Radiohead monk the other day Diddy. What do you never know where you're gonna get? But it's always it's always good in this always exciting when you get package.

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