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Seven minutes after three o'clock 610 wtvn john corby would joe bradley and it is the sure happy it's tuesday show well uh barely elliot stepped in it again michael vickers involved in a gallon gap nick situation dole jabarin again each cut his air the notorious granting jim chief is added again and this is in her first time to the rodeo anna fugitives on the run for four years got got when he ask a deputy reid digging your chances isn't it i mean it really really is of all start off with the gal we talked yesterday that former buckeye ezekiel elliott mental of dallas cowboys had been a against accused of bye bye standards not the police this particular time no charges were filed but uh breaking a guys nose in a bar fight and i saw this story today and it's the first i had heard of it easy elliot in the spotlight for the potential involvement with the dallas police department of salt investigation is appealing a misdemeanor conviction for speeding citation issued in early april according to the dallas morning news elliott's dodged charger was clocked at one hundred miles per hour in frisco texas when the speed limit on the dallas tollway was seventy three appeals board was posted the appeal bond was posted friday before the case was forwarded the county court at law on monday according to court documents gained by the dallas morning news the newspaper reported the jonathan when core elliott's attorney waved a jury trial and entered a nope nocontest plea in a june twenty eight letter to the court the plea was accepted july fifth messages left by usa today sports to reach when core were not returned dallas police told the usa today sports on monday that an investigation into an assault of the thirty year old man sunday at the dallas restaurant was ongoing with multiple media outlets reporting elliott was involved in an altercation napa venue nfl spokesman brian mccarthy told you us said the league is also looking into uh understand the facts and the already under a nfl investigation for the 2016 domestic violence allegation from here and columbus but the.

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