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Wcbs and let's get the forecast now for our fathers day weekend here's meteorologist michael feeny clear to partly cloudy early this morning low sixty nine degrees later today mostly sunny and very warm on father's day high eightyeight sunday night warm and humid low seventy one monday mostly sunny very hot and humid recordtying high of ninety five on monday with a heat indices around one hundred degrees in the afternoon tuesday partly sunny very warming here would with a shower thunderstorm high eightyeight wednesday clouds and some sunshine high eighty two thursday partly sunny high eighty four i'm meteorologist michael simeone the wcbs weather center currently seventy one degrees clear skies in midtown wcbs news time it's one forty open house weekend at fire stations in the city the fda says getting to know the community is more important than ever w cbs's steve burns has more on that it's the fourth year the fda unwise opening the doors fits fire stations for all little ones included to see jacob is holding his daughter olive who couldn't contain her excitement walking toward the fire engines climbed in the firetruck and she sat in the chair and she's looking at the hoses and seeing how they all work they are also giving out smoke alarms which commissioner dan niagara sees says imperative seventy five percent of the debts in this city for no working smoke alarms a city has already seen fifty people die in fires this year that's more than in all of two thousand sixteen and on pace to surpass last year's total of seventy three here we are today once again working with the public to make them aware to.

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