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In a more John begins with the news that a three point one K. B. K. breaking news of the Congress the the center of president trump did pass with four of Republicans of voting for it I don't know yet who those for war but that is very likely people who are in sees that will be hotly contested next year and and I'm sure many of them felt inclined to to vote for it maybe maybe more I don't know but this this does I think but the some of the legislative office holders in a bad position yeah my firm belief as and I may be proven wrong but I think it's a long term strategy for the president I think it's likely to work for him let's get your call Sally let's check in with Roger in Sacramento Roger good afternoon welcome to the conversations are thank you for holding on are you doing great thanks yeah I I think that that would only bring up is that there's one more step beyond like I agree with you I think he's being this whole thing of strategic he just that I don't know if you've already started or who did the work is being signed but he just a it's like the executive you know that that would be just about stopping migration from coming through without getting if you denied in another country before you get to our border that way I can second page news yeah yeah you're right you're right there at a M. although see that I'm not sure he does not to his favor that particular issue I think there are a lot of people across the country are very very troubled by the extent to which the asylum laws have been abused but you're right he steals headlines and that's if he is I I I frankly under estimated his strategic at brilliance he is a brilliant strategist and I I think you may very well be true it may be that it may be something else is trying to knock out of the headlines these also bucking to twenty twenty because above all else I mean he I think his life is better if he's got some some of his people from his team in legislative seats but above all else he wants to win and I think that's what this is is identifying he is choosing to to establish the identity of his political adversary not letting them do it and the the ad political adversary the tone of the element that he most wants to face in twenty twenty is this for freshman congressman numbers and so that I think that's a big part of the year you may be on to something there to it could be something else you want to knock out of the headlines and certainly if that's the case it that it was successful he's done it so we'll see what comes from that the serving squeeze one more and we get Mike and outgrow might get afternoon whips the loss Mike about de Leo in grass valley Leo good afternoon welcome to the conversation thank you John for taking my call my call refurbished to the store that he said good move out of the country and now I can't agree with all of that but is it not never called anything racist in that say anything about him being female all he said was their political views they could move out of the country.

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