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Is one of the most hostile grounds in the league. Is elsa dr. If you're going there is a fun though will then it's definitely one of the most passionate last year they celebrated their centenary and rob palmer joining us now to speak about this team. You have covered get since the nineties rob and it was way back in one thousand nine hundred six that you had your first trip to pamplona and even storytellers well. Yeah we started it so we we camera crews to go and get a little taste. You'll do it on a daily basis of the various clubs that we're gonna be covering and now senator pamplona monday also replayed on the sunday. We turned up in pump blood cell. The training ground. It was absolutely debbie's not for sounds the main which is with these crazy party. That may have for the best part. We lose nobody there and a young manager turned up from also soon as it. Saleh's that term jamie paula. We should've been interviewing for reply. Wouldn't be sunny of the interview because the night before he hasn't turned up for the game will they've been doing. They have been trading day. Seven o'clock they had seven o'clock kick-off jamie An english broad completely unfamiliar with that kind of training just set. The alarm clock didn't wake up in for the game. Manages suspended him and he didn't sign up for the interview. The manager by the called rather than eight. It's not quite sure went on to happen to him. But robert thought to play for leicester city. And but yeah. It's a it's a wonderful club. I mean it's you're talking there about the stadium at apollo mine runs minnesota united in. Mls when they were building the new stadium there in saint pool. I think that let's look at us because as like almost like a bowl ring. Gino the fans are right on top of the place. It's improper football round proper soccer ground. They are right on the. You can feel it. Always share side inside the matchbox. Said many times going to do when it comes to social assistance. No social distancing. Their generates.

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