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The ad w ipc mobile news on the level on the go women have come forward it's eighty degrees no clouds in the sky i'm not as an mcginley here's what's turning out to three the first you accuse attorney general curtis hill of sexual misconduct was mara reardon of an indiana state representative from munster reardon said that it was after learning that other women have had similar experiences hill that she decided to come forward gabrielle nick nncholas laura spokeswoman for the indiana state senate democrats has also come forward he'll continues to deny claims and refuses to step down police officers are leaving their jobs in indianapolis but fraternal order of police leader rick snyder says it's not just happening in the capital city chris davis reports when police forces get low of officers it means they're stretched thin and have a tougher time keeping you safe snyder says officers are courageous but the job is more dangerous than it used to be i mean you have to remember this is a profession where on average every every fifty to sixty hours in this country an officer lay down their life in the line of duty and another reason officers are leaving politics in policing he says chris davis ninetythree wibc mobile news the west lafayette police department has said goodbye to a beloved canine canine remco passed away unexpectedly last night because of a medical condition the department said in a facebook post remco was a valued member of the department working with officer adam miller since two thousand fourteen hoosiers are paying an average of two ninety four per.

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