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South Carolina. He mimicked the stage moves and vocal acrobatics of his idols the singers of the Golden Gate, coretec the Fairfield four and the heavenly gospel singers, his favorite group was a cortex from a few towns over the Dixie hummingbirds said. They had a style of saying that I used to hear them on Sunday morning. Here's the late IRA Tucker speaking with NPR's, Terry gross in one thousand nine hundred eighty four really like their hominy. You know, I had heard them a good while and I was just trying to keep the train of what they were doing Davis. He created that style. You know, he created humming. Birds sound and it was it was tremendous yummy. You know, he had a beautiful sound baked in he's talking about James Davis. The longtime leader of the Dixie hummingbirds Davis established the group in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight after he witnessed the success of other travelling gospel court tits. A gospel quartet a group usually early on acapella where the four voices are represented in harmony gospel historian, Jerry Zoltin of Penn State university wrote the definitive history of the Dixie hummingbirds. The typical structure would be a lead voice Xu Shang over top. And then middle voices who would carry the harmony backup. And then usually underneath a Beijinger who would pump out the bottom and keep the rhythm going. You know, I think groups were Capella in the beginning because frankly, they didn't have the money to buy musical instruments to take lessons. They worked with. What was right there handy in front of them trail-blazing court tits life, the golden gates and the heavily gospel singers pass through Spartanburg touring churches and revivals on what people called the gospel highway. There were hung. Hundreds of these groups so in the Dixie hummingbirds IRA Tucker saw ticket out of town, his childhood friend. William Bobo was already singing bass with the group. And I remember what he told him. He said well later on I'll come back, and I've try to get you in the group, and I guess about a couple of months, maybe three months, they came back to say, Mr. Davis came back, pop deterrent, thirteen Irish son IRA Tucker, Jillian says the Dixie hummingbirds James Davis recognized his father's talents any as IRA's mother. If he could join the group, so he wouldn't as my grandmother would be all right for my dad to go on the road with the group. She made him promise that he would take care because she felt he stood a better chance with that. And I went to hear them at night, and I've been with me ever since. Hey, john. Yeah. This was in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight for the next couple of years. They would mostly toured the south on the same gospel highway as iris idols. Yeah. The Dixie hummingbirds would get in their car and travel from little town too little town. They called it. Wildcat Jerry's Alton says before the interstate highway era. Jim crow rule the two lane roads. These black gospel quartet wrist real danger. They didn't know where they would go from day to day. They created a path future rock and soul musicians would navigate their would go to a little town and back in those days radio is a far more available sort of thing they'd knock on the door and said, hey, can we sing on your radio station and most of the time that would be okay..

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