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Right Jesse casting discord forty Niners on the board here in the second half the genie garage below one yard quarterback keeper after the ramp up there first off and he played bubble that it up and I inside the twenty go jumping back out in front thirteen to seven about do temp the extra point right now there were twelve fifty to go in the third quarter I thank you Jessie so the forty Niners still yet to tenth of P. A. T. but they're up thirteen seven now on the rams very early in the third quarter there but general we we talked coming into this segment about the Seahawks beating the Browns thirty eight US R. thirty two to twenty eight earlier today running back Chris course and joined us right here on ESPN radio following the game talk about Russell Wilson's play this season others greater going out without like on the outside not me I'm not saga lost billions of much longer than like that so this is what we are right there close by use psychological quite if not better water so I'm gonna come to dance not start at all so here's here's my question the sea hawks be a sloppy brown's team but still come from behind fashion so they're not five in wonder three and on the road I remember not too long with the Seahawks who is a big deal when they went on the road couldn't do anything on the road they would they would just be unbeatable at home but there are now five in one three at all on the road and so the rams down fourteen seven now to the fourteen hours a PhD was good field forty Niners a legitimate playoff team or does today matter for you at the forty Niners delicious a forty eight hour hold on and they beat they beat the rams are they legitimate while at least a wild card contender in your eyes they are and I think this get this game does matter more than maybe most weeks six games and here's the reason why we're jockeying for position already yes he is very good in the NFC south St look like the truth but also the Panthers foreign to four straight wins after cam Newton got hurt in the north the Vikings he walked up on the eagles today backers of a chance to go to five and one tomorrow night the lions are two one one really should before no we should be for nobody tie in week one against the cardinals game Europe twenty four to six in the fourth quarter plus give one away to Kansas city a couple weeks ago there's death in the NFC to the point that these games now that might not necessarily always register as most important or must win kind of do it really do Mike how much does the inexperienced play great the experience of Jimmy rob will play into it for you when you're judging San Francisco in that stack Tennessee west yeah if you two are fields point we look at the other see right now plus fourteen career starts and their team Czeslaw boxes their front seven is loaded with first round picks they can run the ball Kyle Shanahan runs a very complicated zone running game with two to two running backs a fullback kills is a very underrated tight and arguably one of the best tight ends in the league their receivers are a little bit of a work in progress people saying I think should be a really good player for them play they drafted this year very versatile but Jimmy arrival at some point is gonna have to make plays and if the three of us guys were sitting here and we were drafting quarterbacks in the NFC to your point I think he's maybe six or seven best and because of that he is a guy that may be the one person that's holding this team back so well I'm encouraged by their start I think today will say a lot about them that's Mike Tannenbaum feel the eight Sir Anthony Salter football frenzy on ESPN radio ESPN radio brought to you by the new shell V. power nitro plus premium gasoline now with four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion and friction we're gonna have an update for you again out in Arizona but well right before they went to half in New York or New Jersey technically bread Maher of the Dallas Cowboys had a sixty two yard field goal for the cowboys let's get nailed it twenty twenty one six now so the cowboys are still trailing twenty one six of the jets will break bread Maher sixty two yards I wasn't that wasn't in Denver feel that was still at MetLife stadium I correct yeah I believe it it was in MetLife stadium yes thank you very are verified yes verify confirm no Finnair there for for Brett Maher but your problem is he's the only good cowboy today literally the only cowboy playing up to his salary today is prime are which tells you kind of have the tenor of this game a shook out the first half you know what why we have such a great sport Dallas gets the ball the start the second half if they get points that can make it a once we were so optimistic Mike I like it well I just spin up around enough to see some really weird things happen so let's see what happens that first possession the second half will be important seeped out to keep this momentum that they just got with this incredibly long field goal at twenty one twenty one six the jets have the lead on the cowboys don't think about that the cowboys three into the chance to win or take the lead in their division and a face plant against the jets the old four jets our image we had an update.

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