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You want so nine thousand nine hundred and the style is having a revival from mom jeans so the to show friends but not even donald trump could make the ninety zero wordpress blog. Great again after generating virtually no fanfare shut his short-lived blog down for good janis talked about this. If biden a bipartisan compromise on infrastructure is ultimately a bridge to nowhere and other political headlines is chuck. Todd trucks moderator. Meet the press which you can catch sunday mornings at ten thirty and mbc boston. That's channel ten was local providers also the host of meet the press daily on msnbc and the political director for nbc news. Good morning chuck. Todd well good morning well. good morning. Chuck todd to develop with the president. He says he's experts is going to be back in august. Shut down his blog now. I figured you'd have all the scuttlebutt on what this means about shutting. I shutting down his blog. Why would i think the great lesson is is that i think that'll out. Nobody actually will is seeking out is take on anything. The only way people got to read is takes. If he's forced on you right twitter forces them it was. Twitter was was the vehicle that forced his takes on right. You didn't have to follow him. Some some yahu and your feet tweet. So it's sort of inserted himself what he realized is most people are not seeking him out. If they were seeking out comment he'd get more traffic right. People are not actually interested in what he has to say. They're tired of what he has to say now if he inserts himself or stuck about who he is right. But i think that's too. I you know i think i'm being only a little facetious here. I think this is proof that there really is no market for him but there is a Certainly there is a market of fear of him. So when when you are forced to read what he's i mean. i'm sorry. I look at these missiles. He writes every day. And it's delusional. We haven't unhinged former president united states. Who's a lunatic. He's either knowingly doing this or he's a lunatic. Right like i mean. He's either mentally unstable or he's in tyrian crackpot right and maybe a little bit a boat. But what's fascinating is that most people aren't interested in what he asked to say that to me is the story of the spot. I am so glad you said what you said my notes for you this morning. Have 'em period. I l l short for mentally ill. I'm reading the story about him. Consoling with that woman from one american network as marge calls. Mike lindell. Mr pillow was opposed to my pillow. And these other crazy people and then the story that he's burned on spend time. Have you ever spent time watching these. Mike lindell in yes and and the creepy like he shows up in your medicine cabinet and your leg like like it's like there's some great medicine be freaking out. I wouldn't be glad to hear about a better night's sleep with a pillow like he scares that. Of course you know the for you know he. He tries to use religious symbolism to market his product. Which i find to be distasteful to me. You know. look he's not the first person to try to use religion to sell stuff. But you know that part of it too is sort of to me a little bit like over the line but it is the creepy infomercial. Forget everything you know about them. We'll be creeped me out. Thank goodness we're not own commercial radio anymore. Because he probably be hocking mr pillow or whatever the hell is for taty. That was the thing for all. I know my msnbc show was like probably he was buying time on their back in the day before we know who did it. So can we get back to the lunatic comment and my more reserved comment. I i'm not a shrink. This is the behavior and always has been but particularly now of a person who is totally detached from reality. The same person who is the leader of one of the two parties in the united states of america and he may be mentally ill and people may not be reading his blog. But all around the country chock we have people that are following him in the republican party insisting that all these lies she tells correct and that we gotta change all the voting laws because he was screwed yeah one in four republicans believed them of the craziest versions of cuna. And if of this stuff okay. One in four republicans. I think we talked. I wanna say we talked about this last week. Remote a little bit. But there's this disturbing survey out about about sort of doing on beliefs. You know we used to have a running you know. Sort of the running commentary. I would have is. Yeah there's five percent of americans that will believe anything. Well now you're sitting there asking yourself with a little bit of help. Apparently there's twenty percent of america and twenty five percent of republican. You know and it's a it's a. It's it's i don't again i go back to. I don't know what's more disturbing. Trump is intentionally doing this or he's actually mentally. I would vote for ladder and it's pretty disturbing to me. You know on getting this staying on this voting rights or voter suppression thing. Everybody knows the most reasonable effort in texas which was leased stymie temporarily with democrats walked out but obviously is going to be a special session. You've had joe manchin on and you know everybody in america. I think is trying to figure out what's going on with this guy. I don't know if you have a personal relationship beyond your interview relationship. I don't mean personal. You know intimate personal no professional. Okay sure so. So a professional off-the-record will he break. I mean i. I know this is not an original thought but he wants bipartisanship any bipartisanship. So what does he do. I ultimately i actually think that i. I have a few theories on on the infrastructure front The deal that biden says he will take from republicans will eventually be the deal that mentioned that they end up doing alot. Because my guess is mentioned will do whatever he thinks he'll be able to say the move things a little bit so you know my sense is that's where that's headed But look i think the thing that people need to understand on the voting rights situation is this is not a A problem the federal government can solve this. You know in fact. We make a real focus on this today. The the impediment to voting the hurdles They're not great but the good news is you can overcome them right. Education campaigns all that stuff they're overcome -able those hurdles. It's the other changes in the laws. That many of these states have made that that are changing how who decide. Who's the referee who decides when the vote count is over who decides when it certify who decides whether votes are legally astronauts. How how is that decision may well. These are the laws that have been changed. And there's no federal government law that is gonna impact it. This is nothing that the feds can't insert themselves. Maybe the voting rights act would give them some entree into into messing with some of these laws but on the certification changes that they've made this to me is the under report part of this campaign to change the way we conduct our election. They want to the republicans are trying to change the change the rules of who decides what's valid vote. So you're saying even if something yet that you're saying that even forgot fifty votes plus kamala harris on the voting rights stuff in congress wouldn't fix it correct that's the that's the we are in asymmetrical warfare here right. The republicans control so many of these state legislatures particularly qui ones like georgia arizona. Texas florida ohio iowa wisconsin michigan. Did he stay familiar to you. Pennsylvania and now they haven't successfully changed all of the laws and all.

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