Kim Jong Un, Steven Portnoy, President Trump discussed on Hugh Hewitt


We're waiting for president trump in singapore he's about to speak he has signed a two page document with kim jong un and of course steven portnoy just the fact that they're meeting is something just months ago of course these two are trading insults the president on twitter and kim jong un through his various media outlets it didn't look like anything like this would happen at least not in the short term but we had some rocky moments getting this summit together but it played out thanks for the reminder by the way in his pam falk knows from her perch of the united nations it was not even nine months ago maybe if i have to do the math in my head real fast maybe ten months ago that president trump was referring to the suicide mission that little rocket man was on for himself and his regime and here it is the two men are sitting together at the same table signing a document in fact president trump was asked if he'd be inviting kim jong into the white house he said absolutely he would what we have now is a commitment on the part of both leaders to begin these discussions and secretary of state mike pompeo has been tasked by president trump with contacting his north korean counterpart for follow on the goshi gatien's at the earliest possible date to implement a very broad and completely unspecific commitments that have been made in this page and a half agreement today and we're talking about dealing with a dictator i mean this is a guy who has had a brutal regime and the us can't put that aside even though there's not been much discussion about that it certainly doesn't seem like they talked about anything like that.

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