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Importance of those celebrations two players? Do you see any distinction between that one and what happened? For example. Thailand. That one in mind you, she gets naked. And that is always received. Well that one she actually was winning World Cup. World Cup final the last penalty kick. Right. If you don't celebrate something's wrong with you. And so I think it's the context of where it happens in the game when it happens in the game. How many goals there are I think that's the discussion that gets lost in some of the layers nuances that gets lost in all of this. But I'm all for celebrating its just when and where and how much and brandies I mean that's an iconic one that I would never wish to be tempered down by anyone. Thank you so so much for being with me. Appreciate it pleasure. Thanks guys. Let's take one last break. But still to come next of my boy broke his nose. So should he really be pitching tonight with a lot of God's should we be paying more attention to what Charlie Blackmon is doing again this season? Yeah. He's a big. He's a big time hitter Peugeot's behind Julie. You know, you're not in Dallas in that picture. Oh, I under- says farm, so you also have people have thirty first birthday, Jacob degrom the reigning Cy Young winner in the National League got the win last night for the Mets pitching, eight nine third innings and striking out ten raids have made two grams record four and six he didn't get the Cy Young for his win total last year, which is only got the Cy Young for one point seven ER eight to two hundred seventeen innings this year is three to six which is not saw young territory Graham on this show. I get in trouble because it's not enough to say his great you haven't as the greatest thing of all time, where everybody in New York comes raining down on you. They should know. I don't care. Happy anniversary. Jackie Bradley jR on this day last year. The Red Sox outfielder uncorked to throw clock at one hundred and three miles an hour left center field to nail as winds base runner at home. Bradley jR was at it again last night against the twins making another eye-popping catch before landing both feet on the outfield wall will on this kid is a great fielder. He's up three two last month hitting two but it's fielding. Tony ask you something. Don territory. Thank you know, no, don't. Betrayals to match. Scherzer's those the nationals ace broke his nose while taking and attempting to bunt. Sure suit was scheduled pitched tonight's game against the Phillies. My position is sheer is not today. No chara not have to pitch twenty four hours after breaking his face about their sheers, who is the toughest guy on the NATs. And manager Davey. Martinez expects him starting as a side meteorological note. That's looking the possibly of rain up for the third straight night. That's great. Is it possible? Jackie Bradley jR is in kin Griffey, junior teric laws. You don't say we'll wait at some point mazes, got to come into the cop one -cation, Christian Leitner went number three overall and let us go to the big kimbrel. Aaa cubs debut with an eight pitch eight I'm getting yesterday. Him now. We need them. And when Encarnacion hit a home run last night for the Yanks your thought you said that standing with hit one hundred thirty six feet this would win. This was Charlie Blackmon has three hits more in five straight games. That is a big deal nine guys I've ever done it and the guys are unbelievably wounding type carbon rod crew. All right. Phil Mickelson says he's probably has to come the realization that he won't win a USO. Isn't that sad to hear? We really like FILA lot. He's thrown away few by going for the goal. He wants certain shots for it wish she would win one. I feel right? Last one. A post on gret farms Instagram account said he was coming back. But he says he was hacked. What do you believe? He's forty nine years old. Think come back for more commercial. Radio trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser. Mike robot's saying time tomorrow. Knuckleheads you can get the gas on the app or apple podcasts. So Jamie, Jillian and Robert Berg congratulated. They do they got married today at the restaurant chatter. A lot of.

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