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Jerry, Jerry Crawford, Krause discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


You heard on the news. This is the third line news sponsored by Mercedes Benz the best or nothing. Well I think that Jerry. Krause look the little bit better in these two episodes at the last dance. Trending up if you will But he didn't look great in the first two episodes of the last the end. Kind of pain that the The villain but Charles Barkley thinks that more of the blame should be on owner Jerry reinsdorf instead of krause. He didn't take part in abundance of food. That thing was orchestrated by Jerry. Reinsdorf the notion that that little man broke up. The pool is Asinine and absurd. Round doors broke up. The book didn't WanNa pay anybody. He only paid Micoud last two years when he had Michael Outta bargain. He was happy so he didn't WanNa pay Michael. He paid them last two years. And he had Scottie onto a great deal. That's really broke up the Bulls strictly because of money but to try to make Jerry Crawford beat a bag. I thought that was very disingenuous. In fairness reinsdorf reputation is a baseball first. Cheap Guy Kraus was a baseball. I guy but you could argue even though he was petty. Jerry made two or three unbelievable moves. Firing Doug Collins for Phil Jackson Doug Collins was winning like Michael was flourishing in. Chicago is winning with him. So REINSDORF's always been known as the guy that loves baseball. And KINDA chief. That's been his reputation. Ferber I've softens a little bit on..

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