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Listen live a round the world at dana radiocom bsnl at dealers on twitter official dana lash on facebook and we have simplified to get into the ticket it's time for data's quick five all right so laugh here for me room with me uh oregon legislature passes bill to allow starving mentally ill patients to a to a last starving mentally ill patients to death it became the first day the nation to legalize the practice of assistedsuicide pro life advocates argued it would be a slippery slope that would lead to euthanasia says life news now fairly that's not enough they have a law that would allow starving mentally ill patients to death the house bill passed in the oregon senate where you 135 seventeen to 12 that's slightly terrifying don't you think yeah i know the frozen two director according to the new york post says they're open to the idea of a lesbian elsa because apparently you can't be an empowered woman unless you are a lesbian earlier that means but the director of the 2013 smash hit frozen says that they're leaving the door open for the character to have a romance with a woman in the upcoming sequel no d tales have been confirmed about the follow up to the film that had children's an adult everywhere singing let it go but jennifer lea eyes teasing some details about it they say they're they're leaving it out and it could be you know her song was coming out at the it was a published originally by the huffington post stay with us more of a danish evac after this.

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