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Is needed time night? This as you know he's worked with several different presidents. He's had a long career within the federal government and he knows better than almost anyone how to move the various levers of government. This particular president is certainly challenging him. In a way. I've never seen before. I'm Chris Amy Pope there from the Chatham House think tank stating the current president is challenging the US ability to confront a crisis There are however several other figures across the US who have come to prominence. Thanks to their own handling of the outbreak in their own corners of the country. Is there anyone particularly? That is caught your attention. Well I think to the point that amy made in that clip. Competence is playing a very important role right now. Right and it's it's raising the profile of certain people that are steady hands if you will in this crisis in so I particularly of course in the US. Shine a light on the role of governors It's been very interesting to watch as they don't otherwise necessarily get quite as much attention as this but A bunch of the focus for example of course has been on Andrew Cuomo in New York But I would actually give some special mention to a few others For example some Republican governors who have stepped up and reacted In their states Even at a time when Donald Trump was not in favor of of quick action earlier in March for example Mike Dewine of Ohio who also delayed elections there Which was a quite a wise move at a time where there is a lot of uncertainty around what was going to happen. Another one is Larry Hogan out of Maryland. He's also been somebody who Issued stay at home orders for his State Quite early on and This is going to be an interesting Little battle as it were we also because we also heard Donald Trump Speaking yesterday Essentially arguing that he had primacy over. The governor's and that his word would go over what they wanted when it came to a restarting the economy in reopening some of these states. So this is going to be quite an interesting Battle communication wise and constitutionally if Donald Trump takes any special actions to try and enforce his moves in the coming months to try and open the economy before some of these states. Ready the one other one I would. Mention is Gretchen. Whitmer of Michigan. She's a Democrat But interestingly she has won enough praise that she's entering speculation race. If you will about whether to be Joe Biden Vice President so this pandemic has certainly raised the profile of some people that went might not have expected otherwise while if there's jostling for influence among various branches of government in the United States that seems to be taking place in Russia to President Vladimir Putin seems to be struggling to manage the soaring members of Corona Virus Infections. They're on today's edition of the briefing mark. Galliotti WHO's the author of the forthcoming book? Short history of Russia explained how President Putin has been forced to react the outbreak but other Russian leaders and by the Russian public. He's coming to the party pretty belatedly. I mean he was the one who had I was saying. This is fine. We're all settled is not going to be a problem. It was the mayor of Moscow so beyond in who actually said look. We really are facing something and in much the same way. The pressure really has come come from below Andrew. Is it surprising to you that a leader like Vladimir Putin has apparently be caught off guard by by something like this? Well it's interesting isn't it? Because you know we we know from the history of Russia you badly-managed moments like this can topple leaders. You know we. We have this narrative that perhaps the response to Genova was partly to blame for the downfall of the old Soviet regime when people begin to began to distrust how their leaders had reacted to a huge crisis. So you would imagine people would be alert to these things. But there's a few problems in the scale of Russia is very difficult manage and we know that there are many cases in the east. But when you look at a map of Russia whether they're charting where outbreaks have happened. Seemed to be no spots at all in the east. But we know that it's there because the Chinese problems of people crossing the border who already have corona virus. We feel that maybe Russia was a bit slow to start testing. And there's still this kind of faith in the big state kind of sorting things out and even today you know Putin has been saying that there's GonNa be an important role for the army in managing this crisis but that isn't really the way to solve. Its healthcare workers are going to be the primary people who fix that and again you have a patchy healthcare service across Russia. So he's in a difficult position because he doesn't have the small country like Austria effects. He doesn't have the wealth of somewhere like Switzerland here. He has a big nation to try and fix and there just doesn't seem to be the testing happening either but yes. I would imagine his little bit concerned how this will play out over the coming days and a bit like Donald Trump in America. I'm sure he's going to be keen to make sure that any of the blowback doesn't particularly stick to him and Chris going back to the US and Donald Trump this convoluted attempt to control the narrative at ferry at various points in this crisis. Do you have any sense of how some of Vladimir Putin will attempt to try and reclaim the control of this even if it's just in the sense of the optics among the Russian public well? It's interesting isn't it as and you talked about the The the curse if you're not the curse but the the effect that crisis can have with authoritarian leaders if it if it wakes up the public potentially there is also this this other side to it right for example what we've seen in China because somebody like Putin or in China can gain control of the narrative relatively quickly if they if they try and can perhaps change it for more quickly than in democracies if they were to engage in more perhaps. Jakonen measures as well to to get this crisis under control. And we've of course seen that in in China which has been very busy rebuilding the narrative around its handling of the pandemic. It obviously faced a lot of criticism early on for responding quite slowly and even pretending for a little bit of time that the virus was didn't really exist or was not something serious that the world had to deal with But it since then of course got very very aggressive in its response closed. Cities Closed Wuhan Got The virus under control and is now trying to change the narrative around How this virus emerged in the first place. So perhaps that's a that's not a positive lesson because that's something of of a warning Would argue as well for media and others To pay attention to authoritarian leaders and perhaps not let them get away with bringing a virus like this under control in ways that That deny what happened in the first place was suppose for thought that Chris an appropriate place to draw this discussion to a close. My thanks as ever to Andrew. Tuck Monaco's editor in London Anti-christian Mark Arafat's at thank. You both very much indeed for joining us on today's edition of the Late Edition. Big thanks to to our studio manages today Louis Allen and Sam impey I'm Thomas Lewis here at Monaco's bureau in Toronto. The Late Edition returns at the same time tomorrow but for now. I hope you're staying well and thank you very much for listening..

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