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Good carpenters work every single day feel the same way with stand up. Stand up is to show business what carpentry is to employment. You know what I mean? Like that good stand up always works. No matter what the politics. No matter what the Twitter are whatever. You're absolutely right now at the variable that in this. Sereno where it is our only last kind of place where we can embrace our freedom of speech, and that's kind of inquest in a little bit right now and people are tiptoeing whatnot. So yes, we do need a carpenter. But what if he's not allowed to use all of his toolbox some heavy analogies? I'm laying right now. Can you feel it? I can feel it on stage. I feel like you. I mean, I think seinfeld's talked all comedians of help felt this feeling like you go. Oh, you know last week. I was on stage. I was like, oh, it's Cinco Demayo. All right. Let me make this. What am I Mexico jokes? And I could feel outings. You feel it feel them sort of lean back or shrink a little oxygen. I actually told a joke and about the fact that I don't know if you remember this when they sent the Rams home with the Kansas City Chiefs because the field conditions in the NFL when they were in Mexico. Do you remember this share, and what was the variable? Shakira had ripped off the field. Right. So you're telling me an fell that you couldn't find a gardener in Mexico City. But you know, what I mean? And I'm not racist. You are and they were all laughing. But the reality is I I'm just stating the truth that they literally the NFL was like we can't fix this field. We can't find anyone to help us. And that's that's not me being racist..

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