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If you're not in the room behind closed doors another team el sheikh never say you did some there were so i'd be just watch no it's not she st a close that when he's sitting with a woman the door could be open in his office he will not sit with a woman unless his wife is in that room that is at i've never really hurt that right i mean i must make i like your me with ankle i'm or colin might make that needing will difficult mr pants we have to not sorry i think she did travel with him when i'm super i haven't feeling she was sitting there and to me telling you what this says to me pence fell off the wagon each e didn't maybe was under the influence of alcohol and that's why does severe restriction notices severe restrictions i won't go to a location it serves out go home unless my wife is here as a competition how do you do that kind of difficult that means you white has to be with you a lot and secondly i won't ship with a woman in my office even with the door wide open from my staff just really to make sure there's no hinkie pinky i'm working vision is going on unless my wife is sitting what it what happens if he and it's easy i'll just his female when you're getting caught your colonoscopy what is host that worked out i we come back you know the latest the way this rules about how to be a good house gas in twenty seventeen well ron first saying you got have to learn it is put your shoes on their wide just what's do the topic okay you know what we shoes jogger i'm not necessarily right after news headlights with.

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