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Under sixteen million dollars in career earnings owned by which will thoroughbreds llc in three chimneys farm trained by steve asked masin bread by besse loose stables llc out of kentucky written to victory by florante geruco and the pedigree by candy ride out of a giants causeway mayor named quiet giant gunrunner all he did was show up with legitimate after effort excuse me after legitimate effort he goes out in style with a 119 buyer speed figure in another one forty plus time form us rating to be exact a one forty one time form us ready from craig milk ski in the folks at time form this is really a fantastic race source that it took me a while to warm up to him but it's hard to look at his overall body of work and have nothing anything other than admiration for me showed up he ran didn't matter the distance didn't matter where was whether it was across the country or across the world even going over to dubai running second over there last year gunrunners just just a very very cool horse he did things a little bit corky you know whether it was the lead changes and we saw that in full effect down the middle of the lane there in the pegasus on saturday down a gulfstream swap and a couple of times didn't make a difference all he did was show up and running at his final eighth of a mile in just under thirteen in one district just an allround phenomenal after breaking from the outside a great great ride from flora asia ruehe decided to get him into the running early the fractions set throughout 23 into forty six in three ten in one for this kalbir racehorse nothing ballistic nothing crazy but they weren't walking out there either he got into a good position press the pace throughout collected the pacesetter he packed it in quite early very disappointing from him will talk about him and some others you're momentarily but this race was all about gunrunner this was sort of the cherry on top of the sunday he was awarded the horse of the year earlier in the week and he goes out in style gun runners now off to his next career as a stallion let's talk about the rest of the field now west.

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