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Sweetened it'll probably add fifty to one hundred calories instead of ten or twenty lame totally and met people are sitting at home saying what I didn't know that. But that is totally true. Okay. My next guilty pleasure. And my last pantry find the cure. Rig. Hot cocoa cups. Swiss miss. I have to say I tried and I still use a lot of the different brands. But the Swiss Miss, you can't go wrong. She really knows her way around a Cup of cocoa sixty calories for jury up. It's a great way to you know, kill sweets craving. I even throw a few mini marshmallows in there. And again for less than one hundred calories. You really have a nice chocolate craving satisfied her fix. Are. We ready for the fridge fridge fridge first item. Reduced sodium Turkey slices we need to add that to our list we used to get those all the time. That's another good Goto protein. Why'd you drop them. We got the instant pot, and we started making chicken at home. And that was that became our lunch. That's good too. Yeah. Because it's so easy again. That's like a good. That's like an insurance policy to me. I always have those not expensive. There are a lot of brands that are all natural now like Applegate, and I think will boars head I by the deli counter, the low sodium kind, but I use it as a snack, I wrap my little pickles Turkey slices I will wrap cucumbers inside of them. I will put it on salad. I eat alone. It's just the best that that to me is my go-to honestly, also fi as zero percent Greek yogurt Gert little might hurt volume. A great Gert there in vessel Greek yogurts, I agree as far as like most bang for your buck. Most criminals for your calories without a doubt. I mean, I doubted fi so much that I took it to a lab. I said this is too delicious. It's it's too creamy. It has to have fat, but it doesn't raising zero. Shame drew age not fade. And it's a hundred calories a container. Right. Amazing. Best under calories ever. I think it's like ninety calories and fifteen grams of protein something Creighton ninety it's not one hundred. I think it might be they made the containers tiny bit smaller. Interesting whatever it is zero percent, the unfavoured don't look for anything with like, Honey or any of the other Adams, you don't need it. Okay pickles. If you watch your sodium, you're going to yell at me, but I love pickles. I don't really watch. My sodium. What's your favorite like shape of pickle? I don't I actually like whole pickles. Oh, I like the mini gherkins the little baby. The little those cute. Yeah. Those are cute. But I am a person that likes to rap like I was saying round the Turkey around them. So I don't even you could do it around the spears. But I like when you get the garlic pickles that are about foreign inches. And then you take a Turkey slice and wrap the whole pickle my nod. It's the best that is the best neck ever, so gay pickles. Do you remember when in school those? Pickles in a bag that you could get it. Like the the school store. I've got they called. Some like seven elevens in liquid in a bag bag it's floating in liquid my school never had that. But I would definitely buy that etiquette store. And then I'd buy Turkey slices, and you can have an on the go snow awesome. Okay. Laughing couches wedges. They they're still in my list after all these years. They are like that best friend. That's always there for you. So reliable thirty calories. They're good cream cheese. Swap, but I just throw them in all my recipes like they're great and veggie noodles.

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