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Then she goes well, What's the bass played this that humping and jumping and Robin Wright and bone bone boom. I nailed everyone him. She's like I still don't believe you get snow. Yeah. Can I got some snow mark real quickly we did this last night. And I want to just a whip around with you many whip with just Mark Thompson Snow Valley last night. I don't think they're an advertiser, not plugging away here. Had How many inches of snow over the weekend. Oh, below. Big bear. Right? Right, right. Um, they did really well, I'm betting it's a number that I can't even get my head around. Good. Say maybe I'm gonna guess. Six inches. Very close. 20 inches. Oh, my God. Is that right that you believe And then they're putting another valley got that says that little running springs I drove by us exactly right. I drove by Snow Valley in the late summer early fall totally bare. It was like 105 degrees up there. The fires were burning out in the desert and smoke was coming into the big bear area and literally A month and a half later. 20 inches of snow. It's no valley and expecting another 10 to 15 inches of manmade snow on top of that, Wow, that's on. Really? Yeah. It's cold enough to do some, You know, serious manmade snow making they can really, you know, you need Certain conditions to prevail. Obviously, it's gonna be cold enough, but also in certain humidities and all this other stuff, and it's just perfect. I think first. No making right now. Yeah, I think you're right. Let's get into so it's on TV. Right here in the other car involved, they say is shooting on the 10 Freeway. 1 10 free with four people inside. It was last seen North bound on the 1 10 at Gage, Okay. This is something that is going to continue to happen. Whenever it happens like this. That happens in waves. I don't understand it. But about 15.

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