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To our day but it'll warm up our forecast is coming up the impact of lower oil prices being felt on state tax collections here Jim foresight state treasurer Randy McDaniel says growth in the state's economy has leveled off in recent months mainly because of the decline in oil field activity in September gross production tax revenue fell by thirty percent compared to the same time last year oil prices have dropped twenty percent and the rig count plunge by thirty two percent still McDaniel says there has been a stable expansion in income motor vehicle and use tax receipts Republicans and Democrats pointing to newly released text messages sent among US officials discussing Ukraine which supporters of the president say show there was no intention of quid pro quo military aid in exchange for investigation of Biden and his son but Democrats alleged the exact opposite David spot reports in a series of encrypted text messages obtained by fox news is Mike Emanuel senior diplomats discussed in the administration suspension of military aid to Ukraine former ambassador to Ukraine bill Taylor Texas quote I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign Gordon son when the US ambassador to the U. you who contributed a million dollars to trump's inaugural fund response quote the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind I suggest we stop the back and forth by text Sunland may be deposed by Congress in the coming weeks more vaping cases here's Beth Myers the state health department is now confirming a total of four vaping related illnesses in Oklahoma with no deaths the CDC says the number of cases nationwide continues to rise at a brisk pace with eighteen confirmed deaths and more than one thousand K.. says nearly three hundred new cases have been confirmed over the past week with several deaths still under investigation of former Weatherford resident who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about attending an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan hands been sentenced to nearly thirteen years in federal prison thirty five year old night eve Abdulaziz al full live just citizen of Saudi Arabia was sentenced yesterday in Oklahoma City federal court the FBI says his fingerprints were found on a training camp application recovered from an al Qaeda safehouse in Afghanistan after the nine eleven attacks Alfa lied to also allegedly applied to take lessons and a private flight school in Oklahoma lockdowns in visitation lifted at nine state minimum security prisons for minimum units and the state's only medium security women's prison movement will be controlled night the department of corrections instituted the lockdown September fifteenth after gang related fights at six prisons the Oklahoma department of public safety says the department of homeland security is giving Oklahoma until September eighteenth twenty twenty to become real ID compliant DPS officials say they plan to start issuing the compliance ID's on April thirtieth twenty twenty that means Oklahomans can continue to access federal buildings and fly on commercial airliners Congress passed the real ID act in twenty oh five to make driver's.

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