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I'll be that when you're gone, Wendy writes. Regarding strong Texas. Not only do they have an exceptional football program That's the movie were telling about Texas six They have Mary's Cafe. Mary's Cafe has the absolute best chicken fried steak in the world. Would drive the 4.5 hours to go eat there right now. Mary Treader is a little older than we are and started the restaurant in the late eighties. It is all caps, Ramon Amazing. There you go. Ask Mary's and strong Texas. You know what we need? This is what we need a moment I thought this before. And this this send from Wendy makes me think of it. We need somebody. Who could be our roving Texas country reporter person. Somebody who's retired. And at least partially rich, so they don't have to get paid. And we can send them when we When we hear stories like this, we can send them and we call ahead and say Merry trader Michael Barry, show we're sending. Bob. And his sweet wife, Martha Raye, and they're coming out to interview you. Could you feed them and do it? Yes, I'll be glad to, and then they would send them out there and they would do the interview and we cut it down. And, uh, we'd put it like one segment on the show, but an entire podcast. See, that would be great. And then Because they're rich. We don't have to pay them. And that would be great and they'll be somebody that's retired already that would enjoy doing it. So it worked out for everybody. Oh, you're always trying to get something for free. You always trying to get something for free. Alright, who we're going to first we're going to Denise is Denise. Finally there. Was it that she was there? Hold underneath. Was it your fault? You weren't on or was it, Ramon? No, It wasn't my fault. You guys called. You asked me and then asked somebody else's join in. Yeah. Are you a white woman? I'm a white woman. Yes. How old I'm 49 now. 49 height weight. Height weight on 551 35. Christian Clear skin. Yes. No, Christian Christian. I'm not asked. It's not a proactive commercial, Christian. Oh, Christian yes. Christian Catholic. Christian Catholic. Okay, is that the same thing to you? Or how would you define that Because I always accepted. That's when I asked that. Oh, you're not going to upset the Catholic on my side. We believe in Christ, We don't believe in Allah. Okay. All right, Because my Catholic friends get upset When I make Catholic jokes. I'm okay with Catholic jokes. I think it's because for some of them it hits too close to home because my my opus dei Catholic friends, they don't but the Opus Dei people scare me and I'm Southern Baptist. I got a friend Tim Belton, and he's full blowed. Opus Dei and my goodness, he could walk out a Southern Baptist church and start trying to rebuke people. He's so evangelical, which is always interesting. Evangelical Catholics are interesting to me like Vietnamese Baptist Everman of Vietnamese Baptist. They're really interesting people. Anyway. What's your? No, I haven't. What do you do for a living? By the way, you're a spunky little thing. What do you do for a living? I I was flight attendant and I see that and fees and my husband like property and Airbnb s and the Woodlands area. And second. You're not the one that has the Airbnb at Green Hall, are you? No, not green heart. Would that be cool? Okay. I had a listener who called in and she had an Airbnb a couple blocks from Green Hall and I got our information. I talked to her affair and she is killing it. How did you end up with Airbnb s in the Woodlands? Well back in 2000 and five I bought a piece of property that had a for sale sign on in a couple of dogs in the front, and I bought it from this old guy named Brian Roberts. That was a welder, and he was like, I just got to get out of here. I'm like, Okay, great. What do you want for your property? I'll take 105,004. It came with a mobile home and seven acres of land that needed to be cleared. I bought it. I got a dog. I got an act and a little barrel and I start clearing property by myself. And about three years later, after being by myself and like, Oh, my gosh, you know, I'm never I'm going to be an old man. I'm never going to have a family. I'm never going to get a husband. My neighbors were lesbian. They said, Well, I think maybe we're going to give you a toaster because you know you're kind of hitting on our team like no, No, no, no, no, no, no, Don't get me wrong. Oh, it's a true story. So Yeah, But let me tell you something. I've had lesbian neighbors before. They're the best neighbors. They're the absolute best name. Yeah, I've had. I've had lesbian neighbors and I've had Gabriel neighbors and they are the absolute best they look at they look out for the neighborhood. If anybody shows up that's not supposed to. They're like, Oh, ms what the woman's name and be wished. They will call you on. I mean, they they will look for your property. If there's a package, they'll go get it and hold on to and go. I got your package. I don't want to steal it. I mean, they're the best. Exactly. They are the best. Yes, they are the best. So finally, like an old maid. My my other girlfriends set me up on a blind date are supposed to go to Boston for a football game. With this blind date guy. And on the way there, my my flight had a mechanical I got stuck in Chicago and, uh so we went to them. Like, Well, shoot. I got to do something, you know, so I went to a bar. And it turns out that it was a mental illness. Doctors convention. I'm like I got to get the hell out of here. I don't want to be psychoanalyzed the bartender to go across the street. There's an Italian restaurant. I go across the street to an Italian restaurant, and I'm speaking Italian to the bar staff better because I speak Italian. And this really hot guy came in totally ignored me Step four stools down from his shoulder turn and so I thought, Well, he's either gay or married, and so I'm just going to f with him a little bit. And next thing you know, two hours later, we're talking, and a year later, we're married. And then the year after that, we've got two kids and we're still together and have a time of our life. And how long ago was that?.

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