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Is Michael Barr. Tom Paul. Thank you very much. Attorneys in the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd will make their closing arguments today for prosecutors. It's that Derrick Show been killed Floyd as he pinned him to the pavement and a clear misuse of force. For the defense. It's that Floyd died of a bad heart and made himself more vulnerable by abusing drugs and resisting officers. Floyd's brother felonies, Floyd said he's confident the jury will reach a guilty verdict. People all across the world. They reach out in excellent questions every day, and they all tell me different things like You will get justice for your brother and they're all optimistic. Just like me. I think we will get Justice Floyd says the video is enough to understand that his brother should get justice. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz talks about the incoming verdict. The idea that you would lose your life over a tabs being expired or even a warrant. There's better ways to do this. We're setting up situations that create volatility and the expectation that there will be violence and and we know that maybe a white Motors doesn't think so much about if they're pulled over for a in air freshener on there, But every single back family knows, And everybody listening this morning knows If you're black, that becomes a dangerous situation. Governor Walls has asked neighboring states for resource it has activated the National Guard across Minnesota. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny fears for his life in prison of all these team warned that he could die within days. Russian authorities now say they're moving him to a nearby prison hospital it has sent his health has sharply deteriorated while on a three week hunger strike. Tokyo is said to be making preparations to ask Japan central government to declare a state of emergency. As soon as April. 22nd..

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