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1300 either richard rgf center everything answered the call today they came hours we will support three these these afterhours with b lorries i don't actually know if archie bradley said they responded with a loudness all with wildness but either one would be accurate from chase field in phoenix the diamondbacks and their fans responded to the call and held the rockies at bay rockies kepco of that give them credit they are one of the top offenses in the national league this year and with runners in scoring position i believe they were second in the nl in production and in pushing those runners across the plate so in this particular case these two teams were familiar with one another it was an eta a wild card that matched up division foes and now we get diamondbacks and dodgers if you remember during the regular season especially the second half the diamondbacks had a couple of theories in which they owned the dodgers now that was during the dodgers swoon what what are we give their is out of the credit for being part of that stretch in which the dodgers lost fifteen of sixteen and yes the the national league regular season fame as the american league regular season means a whole lot of nothing but now you wonder if that's in the back of their minds genn analytics can measure a lot of things they can't measure the types of moment or fears anxieties that human beings hang onto it's just human nature whether you're a pro athlete or whether or not i hear from a lot of pro athletes that the number one thing that they do well regardless of the sport is they forget they have the ability to put things behind them very quickly we as fans hang onto the memories whether positive or negative a lot longer than they do they just they have to get over it even something as painful as the way that the falcons law austin the super bowl on the atlanta falcons guy he's not letting it go but the falcons after you for the sake of the season you you know that the indians now are facing a second opportunity they want to get to the.

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