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Inside the everything's going to be fine i just don't know what that everything's going to be fine is gonna look like and the the i think one of the things that our generation and pretty much everyone we know has going for them is that in any and even people like who who during the vietnam war of going for the even people most people living the united states as far i i don't think i have to think about this for second so we have the civil war and then like in the world wars we the thing is people in this country have never experienced what it's like for a plane to fly over your neighborhood and buildings to start blowing up right so we don't know what war feels like over here like we don't know what that's like to hear the sound of planes and then hear the shit start exploding and wherever you are you might be about to die you're probably about to die enzo when so so i think maybe in other countries may be there are a little bit more serious about their leaders you know what i mean because lila that visit feel it they feel the effects first end yeah and you know this son of a bit this fucking this guy driving the bus you know he could drive this bus right off the off the fucking cliff man in like a in this hat like in india when i did go to india one of my friends ended up in this bus that was lumen around cliffs and the driver i don't know who knows maybe wanted to die who knows and then somebody in the bus actually stood up and was like this mass stop this scott now and the driver stopped in like pete like he slept for the night and there's another thing that happened once which is in an airplane i don't remember this fucking plane crash were the fucking guy just locks the door and there's recordings of the guy them trying to kick the door in in the pilot is flies the plane in the side of a mountain like hulls everybody on the fucking plane in like in in in in in they couldn't get in like the door was locked they couldn't even kicked the door downright but what i'm saying is like okay okay a his fucking mouth got dries dentures didn't work.

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