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The other side of the door i want you to know that haunted by the whisperer last decry apologize to the victims in court saying he wished he could turn back times last month orange county judge thomas dourthe also ruled out the death penalty for decry because f prosecutorial misconduct during the crisis since inc oth those told victim's families that orange county's criminal justice system had largely failed dan for the kalfa your report i'm joe wrath local in orange county the two democratic lawmakers who have been pushing for reforms to california's bay hill system are now looking for a peek behind the curtain and how the bill industry operates kqed's marisa lagos reports assemblyman rob bonte and senator bob hertzberg still think bail punishes people for being poor and they still want to fundamentally change how california decides whether to let people accused of crimes out of jail before their trial but with that legislation on hold until next year there now also looking to learn more about the insurance companies that work with bailbond agents hertzberg says the more he's learned about bail the more your questions he has a people being gouged is the government created monopolies creating these crazy prices before we go any further here's a little background when someone in california is arrested and charged with a crime a judge often set a bail amount they must pay in order to get out of jail if the defendant doesn't have the money they can pay a fee to a bail bond agent who essentially promises the court they'll pay the full bail amount if the defendant skips out on court those bail agents are backed by insurance companies hertzberg and bond to say they want to know more about those under the radar insurance companies they wrote a bill that would require more over site of both bail agents insured he can anthony is and asked the department of insurance to steady the industry geoff clayton represents the insurance companies he's a lobbyist for the american bail coalition and he says he's baffled by the bell we already do a lot of stuff it's an spill we audit or agents regularly at least annually or required to buy by all form with the department of insurance we terminate somebody in if misconduct we have to tell the department so you know i'm really kind of confused.

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