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Yeah i can verify that i mean listen there's this is playing both ends of the stick and agree for me bob jamieson and count everything texins organization i i feel like that's is basically my home and i'm in up the northeast now but there were tangible things that happened in that were said and whether it is something that he regrets and probably should've said instated the wrong way or there is something more to that i can't speak to that but when you do say that and stay in front of certain players you have to understand who you're saying it to and then how you're saying that wasn't taken lightly at that point specially by a lot of the guys obviously he probably understood that he was talking to and it was just maybe said the wrong way but at doesn't give him any credence in that in that matter and then this last statement doesn't help any anything of that end for the players that were involved near visitation and those things were said every now and then it's hard and i don't get on the political end that much on their views but unless you're an actual person came life that's tangibly affected by the actual social injustices that are being discussed you can't really have a say in the matter of how they they are actually using their freedom of speech until until you are candidly affected by a certain things or your family members or close friends are and if you do you understand what they're talking about your opinion to be honest with you didn't really matter let's talk about the election but after it was actually it wasn't pre election if there was there was probably some general kind of consensus about it tangibly at a team meeting you know he did come out and states and things 'cause obviously you know his political stance on things and you know he kind of let it be known little bit and it was very awkward conversation for a little bit it definitely triple dolphin tailed off with a lot of guys for a while so you listen to all those comments three different players the recollections of what happened might not be as sharp as it was in the immediately after it happened i think that our memory over time does vary and i think in the case of bob mcnair it is.

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