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In the US had the total traffic Los Angeles report to the flash briefing on your echo, just say, Alexa, enable the skill total traffic, Los Angeles to install and ask Alexa, the flavor flash briefing for updates on what the roads look like you know what? Tuesday's need tacos, lots of tacos from del taco during Tuesday taco nights get three tacos for a dollar. Forty three to eleven PM every Tuesday, seriously three value tacos for forty nine at del taco. You won't find a better taco night deal hours. Price participation may vary. The all new twenty nineteen Chevrolet traverse is the best SUV on the roads. What do you need to do with your family, because it's all right there. It's full of technology. It's got your WI fi. If that's what you name. But don't forget about things I can tell beam headlamps. Yeah. That's going to switch your brights on and off depending. How dark it is outside. Plus, the hands free power lift gate is gonna help you with whatever you need. If you're walking through a parking lot, and your hands are full and you just need to open up the back. Don't forget to ask about the. Teen driver technology. Those are all kinds of awesome details that you can set yourself. Ask them about the twenty nine hundred reverse at your local so Cal Chevy dealer. Telling me heard about it from Jesse Lozano buying appliances can make your head spin so many options where do you start at the best buy open house event will help you find the right appliances from brands you love, like oral pool Samsung in stop by Saturday, June fifteenth. From eleven to three for expert advice, giveaways and exclusive offers by credit card now. That's easy. Learn more at best buy dot com slash open house best buy, let's talk about what's possible. Hey, small business owners. Have you ever been fooled by AT and T double talk did it go, something.

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