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He's gotten a really bad rap that could be that he might be the guy in heavily been like it was one time. You dare doubt it to you. Peter. Do some stuff to if you remember you know I. I. was looking up S- about Thomas and I saw something when I was researching and obviously dates are dates at this point. So her nose but I submit kind of made the hair on my next stand up and it was the date that they believe he might have died was the year seventy two that's pretty common. The date December twenty first, which is my birthday. So. Just, one of those weird things like we'll have feels weird you know just like a weirdly specific moment that revolves around me that in no way means anything but feels like it means something I mean. It means something kind of weird. So in casting Thomas I, I was really thinking about this and then this is your number one. This is a big and I thought I wanna I wanNA capture someone I'm going to pick the right person but then I thought I I don't want to cast this person as much as I just want to say who have always visualized Thomas. Because thing about the Bible avoid you know when I think about storage probably must be like this. You have the person you think of, and sometimes it's moves does not or celebrities or whatever So I, think in capturing this person, what was happening to was I want someone who seems intelligent I want them to seem a little standoffish and withdrawn and I think maybe you could argue that they come. Off a little snooty okay. With the idea and this might not be the most fair characterization but I think it is a characterization. We will contend with the with the idea being that like they everything can be explained or understood right that wanting and requiring verifications somebody that always will start off with well, actually exactly the well actually got. Okay. So for that reason, I will be casting Philip Seymour Hoffman..

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