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On the moon producer and director mark sierra de brings you the movie chappaquiddick it has to be released on april six you know marks work for movies like the rookie miracle immeasurable and secretary he spoke with talk show host john carlson kirby wilbur at our sister station five seventy katie about this movie knowing that with a new generation of kennedys and politics it's probably safe to say they are not excited about the release of this feature why a movie about something that happened forty nine years ago you know we didn't shut out to all of a sudden uncovered you know the story behind chappaquiddick it was really a friend of mine the manager here in hollywood called me and you know we recently started an independent film company and we're talking about attracting projects and we have done a lot of two stories in the path and he called a couple of weeks later and he said listen i i i've got a great script that these young writers wrote but you know i have no idea how the town's going to respond to it it's about chappaquiddick and ted kennedy marcus john carlson i'm wondering if you think that this movie would have been much harder to make say ten years ago when ted kennedy was still very much in power of yeah i think are when you have that a little bit of breathing room in perspective and you kind of look back and there's you know you can analyze something and i've done stories about you know stories that sometimes passage of time helps put it in context you mentioned in an article offer the vineyard gazette in fact that i have here that as in martha's vineyard martha's meetings at the local newspaper locals welcomed you were very helpful that you found no hostility noone has attained talk to you about what happened something at least during production and shooting there wasn't i mean we shot a day on chappaquiddick island and martha's vineyard and and you know listen it's not the most flattering thing it's not like they were like great come on in but they were very helpful and we shot day good very small footprint and you know i think that that'll be really helped the film is this movie mark hey documentary docudrama a what.

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