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It's thursday september twenty third twenty. Twenty one I'm trying to get like a michael buffer timber to my intro. Who show My name is jack o'brien k. That's a month joe. I'm about to vaccinate Joe that's what this mandate was intended to do some of them try to slide but they can't slide this mandate some of them try to but they can't. Because on the mega mega mega mega mac. Daddy i didn't change that last part because i do believe joe biden would like to refer to himself as a mac. Daddy as daddy maverick. Yeah mac daddy. I feel like throw the mac i Anyways that ak was courtesy of quarantine. Tis based on warm it. Up criss cross. I'm thrilled to be joined by my co host mr miles from the corner ma gophers for got taxis so saying fucking answer my boss or the a couldn't understand tony aqui. Work did Once again as predicting the also broken filled with worthless come land. But i'm still here breathing. Way my balls impounds again. Don't do it fucks god. Okay mr lugubrious on twitter for that one. Yeah you gotta discord. Invite you asked for one when you posted this aka Wild and the syllables. I love when people nail the syllable now to make you. Don't have to rush. Nothing for double up on syllables of shut up to you lex. Lougee like when they don't nail the syllables at all. Yeah that's what the mandate was intended to do but it's a beautiful But that was that was beautiful. Well done lex lewke well-done miles Really now in that mark mcgrath. I mean when you see him every day you know still still just respect the hell out of mark mcgrath for being the highest. I've ever seen someone on tv. And it was on the wendy williams show. It was a daytime show. And he on. Wendy will being when you're on wendy williams and you're the highest person on the show us to talk about his newborn flying on and then they hit me the baby and they're like you and just while he's like you know the color of chalk except his nose is bright red annual as miles We are thrilled to be joined in our third seep. I wanted the host of the wildly entertaining. Podcast ridiculous romance. please welcome ally. Hey very excited to be here. Oh yeah thrilled to have you been on. Thank you yeah. I've been At longtime listener. First-time gaster yeah. Yeah okay the name. Every episode number one jack miles go to the beach a zoo the one about mark number three the one about mark mcgrath. Yes one where miles tries out for. The dodgers were hawaii episode. Obviously the grades when ahead to lifts in my shoes when i out for that basketball team and then the proposal honestly. That was sweet. I mean that's sappy but yeah you know. Felt a little bit for me but it was what it was and i said yes so worked up. We break the wom- where they were on a break. You i what tell us. Oh you know. I just checked out the lucy desi episode. Oh yeah what. What is the most kind of ridiculous romantic story that you've uncovered generally about ridiculous romance. Yeah so Ridiculous romance it's sort of a little sister. Show too ridiculous history. Abimbola nicole brown. They're sort of creating the ridiculous universe of of various other ridiculous blank shows and they came bent's old friend of mine. Diana's not we've known about for a long time but ben and diana and i amongst Many other talented people were gonna sketch comedy theater troupe. Here in atlanta for many years and ben came to us and said hey you guys are funny he thinks and you're married and maybe you guys should take on this topic of ridiculous weird bizarre couples and th- rubbles and love affair history So we started digging and just found some really really insane stories. I mean you know we've got once you've heard of like The bobbitt's which would add lorena bobbitt and john wayne bobbitt which ended up being so much more intense and bizarre of a story especially after our incident. Yeah very dark. And classic yeah. Classic romance really really hits all the beats. But i'd say some of the weirdest ones we've done. We recently did a story about simon parke. Who's a british politician who suddenly came out and said he has his whole life and having sex with an alien cat queen and that it's causing some struggles in his own marriage to a human woman here on earth and that he basically met this alien when he was he said she first came to him as a vision when he was in the womb Which remembers visited him when he was five years old and then many times throughout his life and they've been meeting and having alien child together this guy went on planet having sex with a cat he's having sex with the with the cat hitlerian on their spaceship they being him up. Okay yoga but no animals are being harmed as far as we know. It's possible. The whole thing is one big hallucination. he's having his bedroom. But we don't have willard and got to that y. Yeah but he's currently also it seems like he's driving a big you and on force he does zoom meetings regularly with like after the january sixth thing he launched from like sixty thousand followers on youtube to over six hundred thousand. And that's the latest. He shifted kinda that conspiracy. Sal yes yeah. Wow quite a character a right. Yeah well we are going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. First a couple of the things that we're going to be talking about later on in the episode Having to do with the.

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