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News radio 8 30 K. H P h I'm Julian Norton. Dennis, one of President Biden's first acts in the Oval Office is expected to provide major relief to thousands of residents across the islands. He extended the federal eviction moratorium until the end of March. The executive order also extends the nationwide suspension of foreclosures on federally guaranteed mortgages for that same amount of time. White Senator Brian Shots is pleased with the decision. He says the state's renters will benefit because the millions of dollars and rental assistance included in the most recent coronavirus relief bill can now be distributed. Little Merrick Pond. DRD has selected his chief of staff away. Pacific University Athletic Director Sam McCool was given the nod to fill the major Cabinet position. On Wednesday. He'll be resigning from HP you at the end of the month after eight years on the job, he was initially hard to focus on the school's government relations. H P U is now working to find more clues. Successor Big Island Mayor Mitch Roth is out of the hospital nearly two weeks after suffering a heart attack. Doctors implanted both a pacemaker and a defibrillator in Roth's chest. On Tuesday, he was allowed to go home yesterday after doctors reported good progress. You will continue recovering at home until he is medically cleared to return to serving as mayor. White County managing director Lee Lord will remain on duty as the acting mayor. In the meantime, and nearly 80% of public security cameras meant to deter crime in Chinatown. Don't work. The whole of the police department confirms only six of the 26 cameras in the district still function. They come from an obsolete system. From the news radio 8 30 Cage Beach News Center. I'm Julia Norton, Dennis. More trending local and national news at Cage VH Rake. This is what's happening. The inauguration of the 46th, president of the United States, closely divided Senate closely divided House and a presidential candidate who said he'd represent everyone the latest updates. It is my greatest honor at the top and the bottom of the hour Privileged to have been your president. Come back 345 more times today. The best is yet this to come. This is news radio 8 30 K. H V H. If it has to be heart pounding, handling and performance even has to be acceleration. That leaves butterflies in your stomach if it has to be breathtaking beauty and to sign and if it has to be the thrill and.

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