Senator Bernie Sanders, President Trump, John Hickenlooper discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Colorado governor John Hickenlooper in the national spotlight this morning in Washington. He's speaking at the National Press Club in DC is taking aim at so-called progressives in the Democratic Party, KOA, NewsRadio. Shreve has those details Hickenlooper we'll try to continue to distance himself from the other democratic candidates by criticizing them for failing to come out against socialism. He'll talk about the urgency. Democrats face to say loudly, and clearly that they are not socialist. He says, if the democratic nominee cannot do this President Trump will be reelected. He's also talking about why he believes government is rarely been successful alone. In tackling big challenges Connor schrief, KOA, NewsRadio. His specifically talk about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, during a speech Sanders, doubling down on what he sees democratic socialism. The Senator said he view his views are all about a quality, Macronix socialism means to me requiring and cheating political and economic freedom in every community in this country and Sanders argues that his ideologies embodied by longstanding popular programs such as social security, and Medicare Sanders called free twenty-first-century Bill of rights and called on America to reject President Trump's policies, president, meantime, making news today after saying he'd probably listened to foreign governments, if they offered him dirt on political opponents of somebody. From a country Norway. We have information on your own. I think I'd wanna hear you want that kind of interference in elections not interfere. It's have information. I think I'd take it the president made the startling admission in an exclusive interview with ABC news. George Stephanopoulos, when asked of his campaign would accept such information or handed over to the FBI. The president said he would maybe do both. He added that quote, there isn't anything wrong with listening, the president getting some pushback from his own party after making those comments like, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, who says the president, he thinks on this one is wrong form. Government.

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