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To learn. And i'm still learning not to not to charge out in front of god even now there is it there. Is this thing that's coming. I hope i already recorded videos. I've already written stuff for it Actually there's two projects to projects that are here. They're right here and the right here my heart. They're my head there. My heart and i just can't right now because i have other priorities and have to remember where my priorities need to be so easy to think okay. Let's let's keep going with coupon. It's not about going about being effective. Where goddess place to you. And right now god has blessed me with this podcast with this ability to share with you guys what he is teaching me and to share with you guys. The people that got his place in my life. I've met some really really cool people in the last few years and some of them are slated to come on the podcast here in the next couple months and i can't wait. I need to do that well before we jump into other projects i i believe he has really big plans for the journey of ruth and a really big plans for myself and my family. But i don't wanna make the mistake of moving until he's ready believe me. Some of those projects are ready. Whenever he's he's when. I feel like there's time but right now just thinking about starting some of those like oh my gosh. I will admit that one of the things that i think is really beneficial is having friends or a husband or a child in your life that you can bounce some of these things off of because i also sometimes so afraid to move and so like starting this podcast. I would have started six months later than it actually did. I was like oh yeah. January twenty twenty and my husband was like august twelfth. Two thousand That's that's can six weeks he's.

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