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All right, José Ramírez is the former 140 pound champion. An ordinarily, I'd be talking to Jose before a big fight has been involved in a number of big fights over the last couple of years. The world boxing super series where he was a runner up lost a close tough fight to Josh Taylor. He fought Maurice sucker at a terrific fight back in 2019. So he's been involved in a lot of big fights over the last few years, but we're talking right now because there's a fight. It's not happening, specifically José Ramírez against Regis program. I want to unpack some things with Jose because when negotiations fall apart, Jose, yeah, guys get on Twitter and you've got managers battling back and forth and everybody seems to kind of get confused over what actually happened with the breakdown of talks between you and Regis program. So start there from your perspective, what's happened over the last week or so that has led to your decision and your team's decision not to go forward with a fight against Regis program? Yeah, well, first and foremost, the team is aware and my manager is aware that I still haven't made a decision clearly to walk away from this fight, you know? You know, I believe I believe we just progressed. I believe that I'm one of the stronger fathers in the one quarter, you know, used to be up close and my style of boxing is not just come forward. I have an experience in the amateur since the amateurs, second to none, you know, became an Olympian, follow the 200 fights, and be a lot of styles. A lot of different styles. Being an aggressive sort of Mexican style come forward, no defense. You don't become an Olympian for Team USA, having that type of style. And you got to learn how to box in how to hear naga hit, especially when you're on the panel three rounds. You know, usually. Old school style Mexican boxing usually, you know, it works out on the professionals that you have 12 rounds to break down a fight or not through. Usually a lot of fighters that have that style are struggling the first couple rounds and because of the wrong condition and other aspects and other characteristics that they might have as a fighter, they end up winning the fight, you know? I'm not that case, you know? I have to have a great boxing believe I have a great box of style that in great power and my size and I'm physical physically strong, you know? Even the undisputed fight with Josh Taylor, it wasn't my best performance. I think there was an the Jose rumors that I know I could be.

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