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Changes tweeden dickey forty five. Have you take on already. He drinks out man. I'm not gonna over fucking hires keillor show. It'd be my height. Man's take him in for your your traffic reports. Used to crack me up. I still do. The maranon enrolled but like integrated actually myself exude the report. Actually i was doing because i got an accident recently broke. I was going do on me. Bro god damn sucks. But then there's all bummed simply just like turn me when i was driving south and hit him like sideswipe. Command is weaker demand. I'm like oh. Then then i feel bad law. I know how these people people feel when traffic reports did you get hurt or anything Kind of hurt my hambro. But i don't wanna go to hospital. So i've been isolated but seemed back to normal only thing that can really gripped which kind of wanting to go to the gym. So i'd be kind of like doing like some other workouts Hand time with the left when you got your accident today. Shut down traffic. And shit or now nigh. It was a actually sending tonio from because it was a walters in big lake. Nona victoria victoria. Yeah walter material. An our guys went on the loop or anything or strikes. Three china hits out worst. Fear though bro bean on one of the main fucking highways and let yo fucking shit just blows out and you just down on the guy everybody staring at you. Mattie get mad has fought dude. if you've got a traffic jam people get mad as senior. I let me let me do. The biggest problem is. I was driving home on a highway yesterday and i ran into three different accidents. But it's those people that are driving straight up maniacs like nascar that ends up causing accident now. We're all stuck in traffic for an hour. Because you're driving like asshole. It ain't broke. Is the motherfuckers with the rubber. Next that want to see the guy accident down dude and it blocks out abortion like. Just keep going bro. Keebler.

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