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I was offered a phd in in holistic nutrition. And and know anytime. You get offered something that you know. You've been serving that industry for thirty almost thirty years. Now you're like yay. i'm excited. Let's go do it right. And then the lord rebuked me. he said. I never told you to do that. You don't need that name behind your name to be to use the knowledge and wisdom that i've given to be successful just like you like your mom said you know your your mom is very much like my wife. Kay i don't. I've only seen my wife angry twice. And my and my and the fifteen years that i've known her twice once it me and once at somebody who stole from us okay. That's it. I don't think i've ever seen her like she literally jerome. She literally sees the best in everything. It drives me nuts like like. Can't you just like be like mad or like you know. And she said no you know. I've only been mad twice You and someone else. And i that time of seeing her. I don't ever wanna see her mad again so And she has a massive prophetic gift. I was telling the guy it at a church at a worship event last night. I said i don't ever mess up. Because i think my wife knows what i'm gonna do before i do it and so i'm just like i'm not going to mess up. I'm never going to mess up. Because he's gonna know she's gonna call me and say what are you doing you know and i'm like i'm like no so. Thank you for sharing that. I just out a whole lot more about you. That i didn't that i didn't know and i'm so glad it kinda tied in with your faith and how you've how you've went through that so tell me about. Tell me a little bit about real estate. Because what i've known is is that there's multiple avenues and venues of of real estate and it's really funny..

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