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63 degrees in Boston at nine o'clock. Good evening. I'm done. Here's what's happening. President Trump shakes up his campaign amid sinking poll numbers replacing campaign manager Brad par scale with GOP veteran Bill Stepien Trump in par Scales relationship had been strained since Tulsa rally that drew a dismal crowd that infuriated the president. Park scale, ran Trump's digital advertising back in 2016 and was credited with helping bring about his win step. Ian has been in politics for years working for former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Serving as the president's national field director in 2016 again, the president shakes up his campaign, replacing campaign manager Brad Par Scale with Republican veteran Bill Stepien. Twitter accounts of technology moguls, politicians and major companies hacked and an apparent Bitcoin scam. The Twitter accounts of several prominent companies and figures apparently compromised by an unknown hacker. Among the accounts uber cash up Apple Bill Gates and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the page of former president Barack Obama, who has more than 120 million followers. The most on the platform also compromised on their pages. Messages posted asking users to send Bitcoin, which would then be doubled at Twitter support, posting that users may not be able to tweet or reset passwords as the company investigates line of buoys. ABC NEWS SLITTER putting out a statement, noting it was aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter company says it's investigating and working to fix it. Family of George Floyd filing a federal civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and four fired police officers. Nearly two months after Floyd died during an arrest here's ABC is Ryan Burrow. Attorneys for the family of George Floyd said they hoped the federal wrongful death civil rights lawsuit sets a precedent to make it financially prohibitive that police won't kill marginalized people and black people in the future across America. Attorney L. Chris Stewart. If you do think that black lives matter, then understand that we're going to make sure that there is a black worth and value behind them. You would not say how much they're seeking. The lawsuit cites lack of proper Minneapolis Police Department training and a culture of racism and bad behavior. Ryan Burrow ABC NEWS, Some high powered celebrity is demanding justice for a college football player from Eastern D. J. Henry fatally shot by a white police officer in New York after going to a Sports bar with friends in 2010. That officer was never charged. W B C's Kim Tunnicliffe tells us the letters being sent to the Justice Department asking them to reopen the case. The letter to the DOJ signed by the likes of Jay Z, Rhianna and Mary J. Blige as federal officials to reevaluate whether a pattern of discrimination played a role in Henry's case. DJs father Dan Roy Henry is grateful for the support and for the Black lives matter movement, which is shining a new light on racism. In people a chance to swim with the tide on this issue are maybe they lacked courage, Tio against it in the past, I think that goes for you and I and people in the community goes for people who are in political positions. And for people who have some celebrity standing. The DOJ letter states. The facts of the case reek of local conflict of interests, racial bias and even false testimony. Kevin Tonic left W B Z Boston I know three highway check Now the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive. Traffic on the three is Mike were crews out. Yep, we got roadwork in a few locations up to the north. On 93 North is locked up for a mile from Matthew and up into Salem, New Hampshire. Tonight. This's a work crew right up across the New Hampshire line. They've got the two left lanes closed up in at work zone and delays a reaching back onto Route 2 13 West And is also Elaine taken 93 self in the same area elsewhere for 95 North really slow coming up through Harvard Tonight, there's a lane taken up towards Rue 1 11 with work going on there. Elsewhere. Things were pretty good with the mass Turnpike. The expressway is good on ly about 10 to 12 minutes between the tunnels and the bridge re split through three on this house shores. Find Weymouth down into Kingston tonight. The lower end of 1 20 eight's fine and so are Roots 24 95 south down towards the Rhode Island line. And finally downtown. Nice and quiet. If you're coming in tonight, the lower deck of 90 three's good. The Tobin Bridge in the Lever down rapper wide Open and Sterile. Dr. Looks good along the Charles Miking. BBC's 24 hour traffic.

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