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And they lost to Iowa and coach night had a bowl of fruit, and he was stewing over his bowl of fruit looking at the stats sheet, and he turned around to look at the team and he started reading the stat line. And every negative stat that he would really pick up a piece of fruit and throw it at will. Greg, grab five turnovers. Are you fucking kidding me? And he started flowing fruit at at Greg, Graham, and then of course, the managers like, what are you supposed to? Do you go? And you get the fruit, your reload coach so that he has his because he wants to eat it or wants to throw it again. So. There's all there's all kinds of there's a famous video out there of coach getting run over every most coaches have been run over at practice, and that is good as gold, right? The coach, yelling and screaming, and he forgets that were transitioning offense defense. And you know, some of these dudes get to their forties, fifties, sixties having a trip, sometimes just old. Sometimes it just surprises them and they fall or they get just get run over because you know, if you're playing, you're playing offense. And all of a sudden shot goes up and he's on your ass to get back. Get back out divas you turn. You sprinting all. There's coach supposedly. Also, one of the other stories was that there was a film that they had come into your for the managers of coach getting run over practice and they enjoyed it so much that when they'd have a bad day, they would all go over to Brian Evans apartment and run it incessantly over and over and over again. And again. So we'll have some Bob Knight stories and some other stories upcoming with Chris beard. The hoop I wanna get to real quick in terms of the NBA is many people reacting. Now as it set in that LeBron James is going to be a member of the LA Lakers. Now, look, you don't have to agree with my pinions. Okay. And it's it's not such a strong opinion that it's like, this is absolutely the right way knows no wrong way. I've said for a long time that Michael Jordan is to the greatest player I've ever seen play basketball and the struggle I've had with LeBron this is more previous to this year because he had a little bit more of this has been that in any basketball game. I ever played him. Especially pick up games and this kind of way the NBA has always been. You get down game on the line. You get the ball, your best player and you get the hell out of the way and he's gonna go get you a bucket right. And I understand that LeBron James is wired to to set people up and he's an incredible passer, you really get pass her. But there was something about the killer instinct that at times he would defer, and while that's great in big situations, you know, it's, it's not always great, great. And some situation now is great in the biggest of situations as opposed to Jordan, learn pass as Kobe had I, if he ever truly learned to trust his teammates, but he did trust Derek, Fisher and Eric Fisher made him look good. I do think there is. There's some genius to him. And it was to to LeBron how he plays. But Larry Bird didn't have to learn to pass to score down the stretch Magic Johnson either. So how ever you regard LeBron James greatest player of all time, the greatest player of this era? I'm okay saying he's the greatest player of this era, even if I thought Kevin Durant in many ways, outplayed him in both the pass to NBA files. And I actually think that LeBron James is living a lot on reputation defensively and Kevin Durant, though his defense wasn't as good most of the season as it was the start of the year and in the playoffs he has shown the desire to play more defense than ever did. So whether or not I think he's the best player. Now the second best player, it's arguable the last decade. He's been consistently the best or one of the top three players in the NBA. Right. We're okay with that. Cool. So he goes the Lakers and now people are being critical. In many ways, saying, look, Barkley said he wants to be a mogul and I everybody saying it's not about winning and look. I don't think it's solely about winning, but I think that winning his part of the equation..

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