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Here's the greatest gift we could ever give you a chance to latch on with another playoff team a week before the playoffs begin instead of being forced to watch anything that the Redskins put out there. You get. This is your penalty you're free from this sinking ship here is a life vest. Now. That'll teach him. I mean, really this is also kind of like the guy in your fantasy football league who's out of the playoffs. So he's starts cutting dudes deejays winter can help someone DJ's. We're going to go on a roster and it's going to make them better football team. Now, what they should have done if they really wanted to punish DJ swear. Jurors basically say go home you're done for the year. You're gonna get your paycheck. We don't want you around the facility, we don't want you. You're you're effectively suspended. We'll pay you we we don't want to turn this into a circus. But just stay away you're done playing football for this year. Now, maybe he decides to wait it out, anyways and doesn't sign with him. I don't know what's going to happen. But I just think it's kind of funny that their way of punishing DJ swear injure is by giving him a life vest from their sinking ship. So that's the Washington Redskins this morning, and we'll see what happens with deejays were who's a decent player. He's. He's now on this was his fourth team. He played for the cardinals prior to this. And there were some similar locker room issues and ultimately found his way to the Washington Redskins will see alternately TJ swear insurance up anywhere whatsoever. Now, let's talk about a couple of other playoff scenarios. I didn't get to in the in the first segment. I'll I wanna make sure I mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles Nick foles because Nick foles is incredible. I don't know that we've ever had a quarterback like Nick foles do what he is done in the month of December January sauce that yesterday while watching the NFL network that perfectly summed up Nick foles and what he has done in. How unique it is over the last two December's January's. He here's a guy in his career. Actually that's ten in four in those months with an eighty four percent completion Senate completion percentage twenty four touchdown passes and seven interceptions. That's just. Since twenty thirteen in the months of December and the post-season. That's how good he is. Now, I don't know if eagles are going to get in the playoffs. They need some help. The Vikings are also battling it out last night. The Seattle Seahawks. Therein, they're likely five seed, but it is remarkable that the eagles if they get into the playoffs. Nobody wants to play him too tight ends wreaking havoc. You've got a couple of wide receivers that are starting to make more plays. Now that Nick foles is in there. That's a team that I would imagine the rest of the NFC is really hoping misses the playoffs because they are starting to play some really good football. So plenty of scenarios still at play. Lots to be decided joining me here on the rich Eisen show. Now, he is a hall of fame wide receiver. You hear him a Westwood One broadcast.

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