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Much keeprite force god god bless let me go to Jimmy Jimmy Connors are Albert I'm sorry from Virginia Hey our yes Sir I want to ask you on I've got some money in a traditional IRA and I'll be seventy seven next week so it's getting like to tell you know I want somebody what it told me when I was younger I'm sorry but I'm not well I never found out about it tell it was too late but I do have some money and now and then a bank account at all it's getting like two percent and so the money I've got it and the bank account we I feel like maybe I could do bottle well you could do better by it is it is it is that the issue is you've got to understand that you don't want to invest money that you might need so if it's money in the bank that's kind of an emergency savings Feng the you're going to use from time to time you don't want to invest that you have no choice but to leave that in the bank because if you investigate you may have to take some of it out when the market down and that would be a very good thing so what you might be doing the best you can if it's not long term money yeah not really no native twenty nine I mean I've I've got all the money but I'll tell you what let me get in the stock market concern evident to lay yeah well I think that would be okay as long as you can leave it alone and forget about it I wouldn't still wouldn't want you to take a lot of risk but certainly you could you know look at a couple lots of utility companies utility stocks and not that would be good relatively you know it's not quite as volatile or some other things and pays some dividend I might give you an annual yield of about four percent as opposed to that two percent and have an opportunity to grow and that might be something that you could consider well I appreciate it thank you a lot all right Albert okay to call god bless hi folks six ten three six three eleven ten you work your call if you're walking to do or six seven three six three eleven ten six ten three six three eleven ten and out also our social media if you have a question you can.

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