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I'm very wary right i stumble upon this group of lancaster true parreira they've i'm i'm looking around for the swords i'm a worried about the song they're singing i'm very skittish and i feel like if they didn't go quite as far as they did they might not have sold me on the idea that these are mostly harmless new troops to to aria uh also like her i'm going to kill the king which everybody cracked up on i think is the first time we've heard mazy williams laugh since she lost her shit with the hound that the gate of the eerie a um i dunno i it is the other thing i surprises how much the internet seemed collectively dislike ed sheeran's guest star it was fine as someone who doesn't know who had sharon reid no prominently melody so any because like it say they made florence welsh of florence in a machine a red priestess right i would recognize there but how many people would and the you know like me the i think if you do recognize him they did making the focal point of so many shots it will probably was very distracting because one of the charms game of thrones has been other than like you know sh sean bean and um either drive traffic of may be a couple others uh really really relatively famous people uh thethese ankle which peter thank which yeah who was he that famous like an no good question you probably know him as the guy from alphand but but like it's not like he was um you know a burn burn enough was that when he was in the train station movie yeah trainspotting i i dumber than any of it yeah uh but i mean i i must say he wasn't doing excellent work him to say not only use a household name and you could almost say the same thing about lake aden gillian a little finger tation agent station engine that's what it was um most by these people relatively unknown so like you could just like oh yeah that's john starker that sans or whatever um you know you can't do that in a new ed sheeran is so let me ask you this it ed sheeran is like the scruffy headed blond boy ice is is that doesn't have many lines so i i liked that they didn't make him the focus of the scene resig clearly.

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